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analysis vs. analytics

Can someone tell me the difference between “analysis” and “analytics”?

Here is the context:

An article on the market of a certain country is divided into two parts.

Part A. Market Analysis (市場分析)

Part B: Market Analytics

Now, I have hard time translating the subtitle of part B into Chinese.

The only “clue” I have now is:

Part A incudes a lengthy description of the market condition of that specific country. There are a few tables, pie charts…etc. Part B, however, comprises 4 tables and their related point-and-figure charts and pie charts ONLY. There is no description like Part A’s.

Given the clue above, shall I translate the subtitle of Part B as…

1.市場解析 or

2.市場解析元素 or

3.市場分析元素 or

4.Others (please specify)

Thank you!

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    To translate these two words in Chinese precisely is not easy. However, I like to tell you the fundamental difference between them:

    Analysis: the process of sorting out a complex object into its simple forms. For example, you do an analysis of the compound of a food grade oil down to its molecular level.

    Analytics: the scientific way of analysis by using mathematics modeling, data mining, computer technology, ... etc. For example, they find an analytical method to get the DNA sequence.

    Therefore, in a way, they all try to find the problem or situation to its source or root. However, the way they get there is different. One is by sorting with or without scientific method (or simply by logic), and the other is strictly by scientific or mathematic method.

    This is why it is very difficult to translate them into Chinese to carry this kind of underlined difference.

    If you really want to translate it, I would suggest:

    market analysis: 市場邏輯性分析

    market analytics: 市場系統性分析

    I add "邏輯性" and "系統性" to distinguish them is to tell people the basic difference between "analysis" and "analytics". After all, to translate them into Chinese without knowing their basic difference, then their Chinese meaning is the same.

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