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X men plot holes?

In days of future past mystique found stryker so that means x2 could of never happened. The entire x2 plot is based off on stryker putting adamantium on his body

Stryker never died since history has been changed which means he is still out there but mystique stopped stryker.

Mystique is no longer In the brother hood

Why would magneto take the helmet on first class from his enemy who killed his mom?

Why is emma frost on xmen origins and first class?

Why did emma frost join magneto after he pretty much almost killed her in first class?

Mystique is older than professor X

Why does mctaggert look the same age in x2 as she does I'm first class yet professor x looks older?

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    That was the whole point of Days of Future Past, to clean up continuity and tell a decent story. Like most of what happened in X1 & X2 probably never happened or it happened with slight differences. Like say instead of, Magneto kidnapped Kitty Pryde to like phase a bomb into the middle of New York instead of the whole kidnapping Rogue. I'm not saying that's what happened, just saying the event is largely the same, but there are some differences.

    X2 could have still happened up to a point, Mystique could have just done all the stuff Stryker did up until the present day. All of the present stuff in X2 may have never even happened because Jean Grey is alive and sane. Instead some other heads of the Weapon X project could come after the school or something like that.

    Mystique could have easily killed Stryker some time before or after she replaced him.

    Mystique could always go back to the Brotherhood, some crisis or another always makes X-characters change teams or sides.

    Magneto probably took the helmet because it kept out psychics, he knows how powerful they are and he kind of made an enemy of a really powerful one. Plus it's kind of a trophy, he killed the person he'd been seeking for so long.

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine has pretty much always been ignored, think of it like an alternate reality.

    Emma Frost is all about power. When she's a villain she doesn't really care what they've done to her personally as long as they can advance her station.

    Mystique could be older than Xavier in First Class even, she can change her shape so it would be possible for her to be 100 years old and wanted to look like a child so she could have a cushy life and take it easy for a while?

    It's best if everyone forgets about X3, I think that's what the movie wanted everyone to do. But it could be her daughter? Niece? Cousin? Much younger sister? Mystique?

    That's the thing about time travel movies that alter the previous movies, anything could have happened between the 70's and the present after the past was altered. The only thing we know for sure are still in canon are the entire First Class movies, the 70's parts of Days and that Cyclops & Jean Grey are alive and the X-Men seem in a good place in the present. What happened in between is for the next few movies to flesh out. I think X-Men: Apocalypse is suppose to take place in the 80's so maybe that'll help fill in some more gaps.

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    What the hell are you babbling about? did you even pay any dam attention to any of the movie. do you even know what the hell your talking about? Stryker wasn't even the target on days of future past. there wasn't no mctaggert in any of the movies. and what the hell you talking about professor looking old.

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      Dr. Moira mctaggert was in xmen the last stand she was played by Olivia williams. Do your research first before you type an answer. Don't just type because you can. Stop being ignorant

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