What are my chances of getting into University of Pennsylvania?

So, I have the great GPA (weighted 4.5, unweighted probably around 3.8), I have done immense research and nearly made it to ISEF last year along with many other awards, go to a second school focused on math, science, and technology, founded and president of an art club at my school, captain of the scholastic bowl team, in charge of the prom committee, president of a gpa based volunteer club (BETA), part of mu alpha theta, and other miscellaneous activities, however, I managed to fall asleep during my SAT and got a 1800. I took the ACT yesterday and hopefully that will be much better, but I found myself a little slow in regards of the amount of time they give you per question. I plan to retake the SAT, however I hope my ACT will be good enough so I can avoid taking a subject test. Do I have any chance with such a horrible SAT score?

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    6 years ago
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    Well, I did my PhD at Penn and taught there. I also attended another Ivy school, and my husband worked for a third. I think I can offer you some useful information.

    First, test scores are not the be-all and end-all of admissions. When I was in high school, I had a classmate who got into Yale despite absolutely awful SAT scores. She was an excellent student in all other ways and was also an excellent athlete in an unusual sport.

    And that's important. It's actually more important, when it comes to Ivy applications, to be a stand-out in one or two areas than simply to participate in a lot of clubs and activities. And your description of yourself doesn't make it clear that you are such a stand-out. Right now you look like a lot of other smart applicants, and I'm not seeing anything that would really make an admissions officer sit up and take notice.

    However, admissions committees would much rather see low SAT scores and high grades than vice-versa, since high scores and middling grades suggest that you are not working up to your capacity. So, I think you've got a shot, but I'd be more confident if you were a real star in some area.

    Good luck.

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