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Tenerife airport disaster?

OK im only 17 so forgive me if this question is stupid. In the tenerife airport disaster why didn't flight KLM try and turn past the Pan Am airways plane instead of trying to fly over it? Wouldn't this have been safer as they could have drove past it and then tried braking.

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    Not stupid, it's basically all about the physics and characteristics of a 747 aircraft. First it wasn't at the right speed to pull up and climb out, second, if it were to try and turn on the ground it would have been useless. The visibility was low, so the closure rate was about 2 to 3 seconds from the time they seen the other 747. That is not enough time to turn that huge plane. And if they did try, all it would do is skid on an angle and ultimately still hit the other plane. Simply put, it was too slow to takeoff and too fast to turn on the ground.

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    KLM speed at time of impact was insufficient for takeoff and avoid Pan Am -

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    Source(s): Retired Pan Am pilot - 1968-1991 - I knew the Pan Am co-pilot and some flight attendants -
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