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Young Jimmy Apalag vs Jj Barea?

Who's better both 28?

Jimmy Alapag the Filipino Asian star vetern

or Jj Barea the NBA player.

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  • 6 years ago
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    I still choose my hometown hero JJ Barea who plays in the NBA, plus why if Mr. Jimmy Apalag is so good with his (6) rings from the Asian league he's NOT playing in the NBA !!!

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    • Before giving you the best answer read this.

      Philippines only rejoined International Arena (FIBA Asia) last 2007, Jimmy was in his prime back then, the one you saw in the world stage is just a shadow of the former Jimmy Alapag.

      But yeah Jj is NBA nuff said

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  • Wabbit
    Lv 5
    6 years ago

    If we’re comparing how many championships each player contributed to their respective professional teams, take a look at this:

    Jimmy Alapag - 6 (rings)

    JJ Barea - 1 (ring)

    How many MVP/Player or Rookie of the Year awards each has earned:

    Jimmy Alapag - 5

    JJ Barea - 2

    How many All-Star games each has participated:

    Jimmy Alapag - 9

    JJ Barea - 0

    And Jimmy Alapag is still the starting point guard with the same team (he played for 12 years). Is JJ Barea a starter for Minnesota?

    I rest my case. Thank you for asking!

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  • 6 years ago

    so which one is in NBA?

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