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Question for people who live in London or know alot of London?

İ was wondering exactly where Newham is located.

İ don't understand it on the wikipedia it doesn't give the exact information.

is it in the city of westminister or or city of london?

wikipedia says it is in Greater London, where exactly is that located also? İt also says its in the west and east ham, how can it be at both??

Whats the actual location to Newham?

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    Newham is the name of one of the 33 boroughs (local administrative districts) which form London.

    It's located in the area known as East London, which is the eastern section of North London (London is divided physically into North and South London by the River Thames which flows from West to East through the city.

    The boroughs are not absolute fixed entities, and over time new boroughs have been created often by merging older, smaller boroughs. So the London Borough of Newham was created by the merger of the former Boroughs of East Ham and West Ham.

    London is formed of a conurbation of many smaller settlements, and in the past many of them were outside the historic borders of London. At the centre of London are the City of Westminster (historically the seat of the Government) and the City of London immediately to the east which was the original core of London. Effectively, they're now just London Boroughs, and Greater London refers to the entire administrative region of London which incorporates all of the London Boroughs.

    Newham is one of London's demographically poorer boroughs and has a majority immigrant population, mostly from places like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, but is currently on the rise as a result of being the host borough for the London 2012 Olympics which led to massive redevelopment. It's also got excellent transport infrastructure connecting it to central London (i.e. City, Westminster and nearby areas).

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