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Rate my Fantasy Team! Standard scoring-10 man?

Qb: Nick Foles, Jake Locker

RB: Matt Forte, Montee Ball, Toby Gerhardt, Carlos Hyde

WR: Brandon Marshall, Keenan Allen, Jeremy Maclin, Marcus Wheaton, TY Hilton

TE: Vernon Davis, Zach Ertz

Streaming K and Def

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    I'd call it very good, but not great for a league this size. One thing you might want to consider is deciding on your TE and offering up the other as trade bait, along with either a WR or RB. You're got 2 top 10 TEs, which is overload at a position where you only start one.

    You need better depth in both places. However, we'll know a lot more after the Broncos play the Chiefs this weekend. I've thought all along Ball was too hyped for a guy who had never started an NFL game. And his week one performance didn't change that. But I'd be happy to eat some crow if he turns it around this week. The gameplan favors him bigtime, since the Broncos will eat the Chiefs alive.

    If he does turn it around, offer up a WR and the TE for a WR upgrade. Allen will turn it around, but not this week. And certainly Wheaton has upside. But it's kind of slim pickings after that. Hilton is like Torrey Smith - boom or bust, most often the latter.

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    It's a good team. Good collection of WR's, but Allen is to surely get locked down because of Seattle's defense this week. But overall good team.

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    good team but why stream a k and def pick up prater he can play after 3 more games im just saying in a 10 team league you can still get a decent k and def you cant go just on predictions for your K and DEF

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