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Besides science and scientists, what else do global warming deniers routinely lie about?

Thought I would post this winner of a question from Dook. It is funny that he has NEVER been able to show that I am lying. It is also funny that he blocks everyone who disagrees with him and posts inflammatory garbage like this.

Perhaps he can justify his stance of writing inflammatory crap about people who he blocks from being able to respond.

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  • JimZ
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    6 years ago
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    Pegminer suggested I was a racist which is worse than a liar because I didn't bow before his beloved Obama who by that way has never met a Mullah he didn't bow before but I digress. I despise Obama but not because of his race. Obama whines about Christians and Americans saying they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them yet he says ISIS (He calls ISIL) aren't muslims and these bozos call us deniers. Obama is dangerously stupid and dangerously ideological and his fake Martin Luther King accent is about as authentic as his belief in AGW. There are other reasons that Obama gets under my skin. I despise snake oil salesmen but some people are easily fooled by them.

    Calling them ISIL refers to the Levant which includes Israel and and Obama clearly hates Israel based on his actions not his words.

    It hasn't warmed since July of 1936 Linlyons. That isn't a lie. It is at least arguable. The warmest year was 1998.

    Saying it is a hoax stretches the meaning of hoax but even that is arguable.

    The sun at least has some correlation with warming and cooling but alarmists don't like to admit to anything that can cause natural variation because it a threat to the Cause

    Note to add

    <<From Jeff ou are a racist. You have demonstrated this numerous times in here. And your claim that "it has not warmed since 1936" is a lie and I'm sure you are perfectly aware of that.>>

    Jeff Go FX yourself you little prk. You wouldn't dare say that to may face. That is what these little brown shirts do. They accuse of you of being a racist without any backup. If you don't agree with the cult, you may be accused of any vile thing. That is who they are. They reveal their stinking selves for the world to see.

    Pegminer is the true racist. I remember him complaining about Voter ID. Pegminer insists that blacks and other minorities aren't smart enough to acquire an ID. He won't be able to find any racist remarks by me because I am not one. I treat people as people unlike idiots like Peg and Jeff who is certainly a closet racist as well. Some leftists like Pegminer think it is their job to protect inferior people (their thinking, not mine). I find their racism to be offensive. As a former Army sergeant, I know that blacks appreciate being treated as everyone else is treated. My many black friends would be quite surprise and disgusted by Peg's and Jeff's claims. Also, my Asian wife of over 15 years would be surprised to learn it as would Darlene her best friend who happens to be black. I don't see them that way but for the purpose of showing that Peg and Jeff are clueless, I brought their race up. When I was 6, my twin brother and my best friends were two twins who happened to be black. It didn't mean anything to me then and it doesn't now.

    Extreme leftist like Peggy wouldn't understand because their whole political system is designed to first categorize people and then pit them against each other but he is too stupid to even understand that. You claim you didn't vote for Obama, but we all know you didn't vote for Romney and you sure didn't vote for McCain even though he is probably closer to you in IQ and general philosophy. As for suggesting that Obama didn't fake a Martin Luther King accent. Maybe your ear can't hear it but often he uses a fake southern accent and no doubt he sits in front of a mirror and tries to use Martin Luther Kings gestures and idioms. It isn't even debatable. It is just another example where you are too stupid to catch on because you like what the snake oil salesman is selling.

    Google is your friend Peggy. Inform yourself. I should point out that I could care less who you vote for. You think it appropriate to accuse those who disagree of Obama as racist. That makes you the racist in my book but worse.

    Baccheus, I never said any such thing. I like Reagan. Shultz is well down on my list of people I admire but have no animus for him. I agree with his belief that the "war" on drugs is a mistake. He isn't a very good conservative however and his gullibility of AGW isn't too surprising to me. I certainly don't look to him for my science knowledge. Don't you think it is disingenuous to suggest that because Schultz believed something, that Reagan did? He put Bush senior as his VP and you may not realize it, but he didn't see eye to eye with either.

    As I stated in the comment on Jeff's answer, sorry that this question got hijacked. Dook thinks his comment on abiotic oil is an insult and has meaning. You can't really inform these people because they really aren't interested. As I have stated, there is no such thing as abiotic oil, only poorly named theories. Then Baccheus tries to suggest that because George Shultz thinks something, Reagan does. What happened to Jeff's answer? Good riddance to that non answer. This is the best alarmists can do. Insult. I am not good at taking insults from bozos and don't intend to let these PC pukes get away with in in the future either.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago


    How much do you think Hansen makes in a year? LOL, you allow your politics to make you say the STUPIDEST things. All to what??? Claim you have something to say against me? You show me evidence of Hansen's pay, and we might have something to discuss, because as I recall I gave a link to his pay.

    In fact, the definition of lying, you would have to show that I KNEW he didn't make that much or had reason to suspect he didn't.

    AS for the exponential, I find that entertaining that you would bring it up. Are you suggesting that the sharp rise in the modelling of the future ABSOLUTELY cannot be modeled by an exponential??? I bet I can come up with an exponential function that does a fair job of it. IT most certainly is FAR greater than linear. You sure you want to call that a lie???

    You think the average person would not consider that an accurate representation of "far greater than linear". Because this is a website for average people. Do you really want to go into every time "prove" is used??? Are you willing to call your fellow warmers, liars for saying something is proven??? Is that how you want to roll, buttercup???

    While you are at it, you want to justify the number of times DOOK called me a liar, yet his inability to address even one issue here? SInne this was clearly addressed to Dook. Are you aware that he also accused me of plagiarism even though I clearly referenced his question as the source. Is he a liar???

    Come on peg, are you willing to use the standards by which you call me a liar on your own, or are you a hypocrite? In fact, how many instances of "lying" have you committed given your seeming willingness to throw that word around all willy-nilly. You know very well you have backed down on statements, WITHOUT me being a prick and calling you a liar.

    I guess you are a hypocritic and a liar. How far you want to go with this? Because I will take back you being either, if you admit you mispoke. Otherwise, I am more than happy to apply your standards to what I say about you.

    Furhter, Pegminer, exponential can be interpreted at the VERY MOST as an exaggeration, if it is even that. Given 95% of climate models are overstimating the current warming, I guess I can call all warmers liars??? You sure your standard is justifiable???


    I could care less if you respect pegminer. I do not respect anyone who falsely accuses me of plagiarism or lying. Right now, that includes you and pegminer. I doubt you will change your ways, but pegminer has shown enough sense to correct himself.

  • Kano
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    6 years ago

    The lies I see come from alarmists, right now in preparation for a build up to climate talks in New York, the lies about catastrophic climate change are beginning to build up including fake weather reports in 2050, leaked IPCC nonsense and so on, it is propaganda.

    Look it is amazing to me that intelligent people here, educated and some who say they are scientists still insist that climate change is manmade and dangerous, when there is not a shred of evidence to show that it is true.

  • 6 years ago

    Although I disagree with some of his interpretations, I respect Pegminer's scientific expertise and his basic honesty, and have no doubt that his statements are correct here (at least with respect to science and scientists: whether Obama has been slammed out of racism or stupidity or gullibility or actual viable critique of some of his policy mistakes, is a different issue having nothing to do with climate science). I am also quite confident that the instances of lying about science and scientists Pegminer mentions are a TINY fraction of those committed by this Copy-Paste-"Questioner," and a microscopically tiny fraction of those dumped here by dupes of the fossil fuel industry denial machine, and its two decades long active echo chamberists.

    Edit: Well, I see that I HAVE made a mistake here. I thought this question came from Sagebrush!

    How could such a mistake happen? Maybe I really do have 1% of the IQ of True Scientist Sagebrush?

    (Speaking of 0.0004%).

    Or maybe I subconsciously channeled the times Raisin misremembered me accusing him of lying? Or maybe it's the abiotic oil coming from one of JimZ's posts? Oh yes, of COURSE!!


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  • 6 years ago

    JimZ has said that George Schultz, Reagan's Secretary of State, is a Marxist.

    Whether he is a liar or just a crazy, readers can decided.

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