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Did anyone last night happen to see any of the Collation members standing next to the President during his 16 minutes of gum flapping.?

Where were the Saudis, Where were the

Jordanians where were the Egyptians.

We are going into this on our own America,

Do not trust one word this man said last

night. Not one word.


Shades of GWB. We allegedly had this huge group of allies helping us.

And when the call to aid went out. Only but a very, very few showed up.

Smoke and Mirrors and BS. Is all we got last night. Along with 2 minutes

of damn I have done a lot for you sheep haven't I.

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  • Gungy
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    5 years ago
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    There is not a poll on Earth that supports Obama regardless of topic. Even most dems bash him on dem based media. The international community leaders think he is weak and a joke. Who's left other than sheeple who call themselves progressive yet are experts at practicing reverse Darwinism. Obama has done nothing and has no drive to do anything to put on the table anything that will turn the economy around. As long as his lil' Harry Reid remains the senate gate keeper who trash cans everything the House offers to turn things around, the nation has to endure this white house insanity until 2016. Reid is gone in November, the oval office will be next. IN THE MEANTIME...the majority of the nation has to sit back and endure the daily reminder of how bass ackwards - cranium challenged - government addicted % of America still is. That % is too ignorant, too lazy and cares more about free borders while ignoring the nation is one giant step closer to seeing another set of twin towers go down in flames. Then sit back and do what they do best....blame someone else.

  • Golfer
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    5 years ago

    Collation is at least in Obama's mind. The USA is the leader of the free nations, so why is Obama not leading but pandering to the far left extremists?

    I hear if you like your Dr you can keep your Dr all over again.

  • Pixie
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    5 years ago

    I couldn't agree more. What coalition, he said 40 members. It's like 9 in reality with the awesome might of Albanians no less,lol. If anyone believes they are going to stand up for America after Obamas Spying on them it is ridiculous.

    • y
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      5 years agoReport

      it is supposedly 9 now with the hope that they can get to a total of about 40, Been working on it for a couple of months. How long did it take bush to get more then fifty, over 25 putting in troops? A month?

  • Di
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    5 years ago

    Not really. Obama dismissed ISIS as a threat a while back, echoed by Hils Clinton and now we are living with his lack of concern but hey, I did note he managed to (yet again...yawn) remind that Osama was killed on his watch.

    Which maybe why ISIL is so ticked off at the US. Ah, elections have consequences as does having a president who likes the sound of his own voice, preferring to threatern to do something rather than actually doing it.

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  • 5 years ago

    I doubt that.

    We rely on the Saudis for staging offensive operations within their borders.

    Egyptians for access to the region through the Suez.

    Without their support the cost of operations in region of the US would be considerably higher.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Yes Sir. Their to home lets see when the fan is hit with crap what happens who gets to do the mop up.

  • Spocko
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    5 years ago

    Because such a thing has never happened, with any president. The question is nonsense.

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