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    Thinner is a substance that is pungent smelling that is added to paint,or vanish, etc. to make it less thick.

    The sale of paint is thick;

    To make it less thick eg:-80%-70% thinner substance has to be added to suit the particular purpose for the painting.

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    7 years ago

    thin(adj) - of relatively low density or viscosity

    thin(verb)- To make or become thin(adj)

    thinner(noun)-A liquid, such as turpentine, mixed with paint or varnish to reduce its viscosity and make it easier to apply

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    thinner(noun)-A liquid, such as turpentine, mixed with paint or varnish to thin it (reduce its viscosity and make it easier to apply)

    "Thin" is such an interesting and versatile word.

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    THINNER 這個字源自 thin (形容詞) = 稀的, 薄的

    英語形容詞有比較級 (comparative) 和最高級 (superlative)

    Thin (形容詞) = 稀的, 薄的

    Thinner (比較級形容詞) = 比較稀的, 比較薄的

    Thinnest (最高級形容詞) = 最稀的, 最薄的

    描述事物時, 可用比較級形容詞 (comparative adjective) 說明某事物比另一事物更具某種屬性

    比較級通常形容詞加詞尾 “+er”, 某些字前面加 “more”

    hard – harder, small - smaller

    beautiful – more beautiful, interesting – more interesting

    thin - thinner

    例外的, good – better, bad – worse

    thinner 除了是 thin 的比較級形容詞, 還有一解釋, 做名詞

    Thinner (不可數名詞 uncountable noun) = 使變稀薄者;稀釋劑

    天拿水是英文 " thinner" 的音譯

    - 是無色透明易挥發的液體,微溶于水,能溶于各種有機溶劑,易燃,主要用作喷漆的溶劑

    paint thinner (油漆稀釋劑/液)

    - a liquid such as turpentine (松節油) that you add to paint to make it less thick


    購買一罐油漆, 顏料, 是濃, 是厚, 是黏滯的, 黏性的 (very viscous)

    通常使用天拿水 (Thinner), 添加到油漆中, 溝混一起, 使液體變稀薄, 溝稀些, 容易方便油漆

    ~ make the paint thinner (i.e. less thick, less sticky, less viscous)

    Source(s): Yahoo Dictionary
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