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Diffculties of case analysis

Please illustrate case analysis essay format, it consist of 3000 words.

I don't need 3000 words, but please illustrate the body of the case analysis should contain?

Refer to the teacher, my first paragraph should consist of

The problems,consequences,issues,solutions,advantages,disadvantages,recommendation and the plan?

Please correct me if introduction should not be constructed this way or an example could also be provided.

Thank you all for your help.

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    Case analysis must be found by you from reading the daily newspaper

    Based on The Standard--Feb4,2014 pp2 Top News.

    Introduction Tax to hike across

    Problem:-When giving advice on gov.policy,it has got to make its own decisions

    Consequence:-Financial Secretary said that recurrent spending could be difficult to cut, if once implemented;and the danger of a fiscal cliff.

    Issues:-cyLeung said that to honour his election pledge to help the poor&underprivileged in policy address

    Solution:-case analysis:-The gov uses less than 20% local gross domestic product a year rather than 40% with Organization for Economic Cooperation Development countries !

    Advantages:-Profits tax and property-related tax only to attract foreign investments

    Disadvantages:-HK's tax base is narrow.All Political Parties to sabotage,vandalize all laws for the Chief Executive.

    Recommendation and Plan:-To increase taxes based on political issues on time..become a welfare state if poverty-alleviation measures works;The small gov must carry on in managing public finances. Taxes will increase.

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