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thank you for your re-notice. 用re是否恰當?

或是否要用別種字句? 或更好的?



Thank you for inquiring the second time..是ok的嗎?

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    First, I like to explain the difference between "notice" and "notification"

    Usually, the actual item you receive is called "notice"; the process is called "notification".

    Hence, when you use "re-notice", likely, it is a verb, not a noun. In your own sentence, it is better to use "re-notification".

    However, in Chinese "再次通知", it doesn't talk about a process, but a situation. Hence, I would make it clear as:

    Thank you for notifying me the second time.

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    You might ask what about using "once again", "once more"?

    Well, this phrase are all treated as adverbs. Hence when you use it in a sentence, it will automatically modify a verb, an adjective or another adverb.

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    When you say:

    Thank you for notifying me once again.

    It means "you thank once again for being notified," not "you got notified the second times." Because the verb in this sentence is "thank".

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    ... this phrase ... ==> these phrases ...

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    Incidentally, you might ask what about using "re-noticing"?

    It is acceptable, but in my opinion, it is still NOT good enough, because it can mean "重新通知". It is different from "再次通知"

    2014-09-12 11:48:28 補充:

    Thank you for the explanation!

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  • 羅莉
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    To DSG

    >Thank you for notifying me once again.

    這句是OK的, 意思是再次通知, 不會誤解.

    副詞也可以修飾分詞, 以修飾最靠近的為準;

    本句的once again是修飾notifying.

    如要修飾Thank, 應該這麼寫:

    Thank you once again for notifying me.

    2014-09-12 10:57:45 補充:

    once-again (有連字號)可用作形容詞, 所以也可寫為:

    Thank you for your once-again advice/notification.

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