Can someone help me with this girl? I haven't dated anyone before really tbh?

There's this girl in my first period, I've known her since 6th grade, but w never really talked or had an actual conversation.. She is extremely gorgeous, but she seems kinda shy in school, but like on IG or Facebook, when she's tossing to her friends, through comments on posts she's crazy and funny. I really want to date her, or at least get to know her and talk to her, but idk how to approach her, because again, she's like really why acting in class so I really don't know what to do, can someone please help me

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  • 5 years ago

    Ok there are two options bro. Im going to be straight forward, If you have balls you will find a way to approach her physically. And if you still want to get to know her but lack the testicles you should write her on Facebook. I think you should go for it as quick as possible because if she is that pretty I doubt that you are the only that wants to be with her. There is no step by step instruction on how to get girls, nobody in the world can give you the formula to talking to girls, you have to develop that. So go for it, I think it is better to get rejected and get over it, then to never know what you two could have been.

  • 5 years ago

    Just go and talk to to her men but easier said then done. Don't be scared just show confidence and say hey. Hey it might work what u got to lose. No fear men

    • anonymous5 years agoReport

      I say hey all the time, then she says hey, and it just like, ends

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