Internet Browser and Google issues.?

I've had my HP laptop since last December and for about the first few months it's been working flawlessly.

After a few months I've noticed that my browser has been slowing down. I have been using Chrome for a while and all of a sudden it's really slow to load, I get on websites and it takes forever and lags when I scroll up, click on something etc. also I get tons of ads popping up. So I downloaded Firefox and it's the same problem, I even got AD blocker but nothing changed. Is there anything I can do to fix this?..

Also I have about 5 computers available in my house with and without wifi and with every one Google just isn't working. I try to search with google and it takes forever, sometimes if I'm lucky it would take a few minutes but most of the time it just doesn't load at all. But when I type in the exact URL it works fine, I also can't get on YouTube.. Is my internet rejecting google or something?

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  • Alan
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    5 years ago
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    Sounds like a virus or malware infection. Boot into safe mode with networking and download and scan the system with reputable virus scanners and malware scanners. Choose the free versions, they are perfectly fine for this.

    Antivirus - AVG or AVIRA

    Anti-Malware - Malwarebytes, SpyBot, Ad-Aware

    It may take several cycles of scans, reboots, rescans in both normal and safe mode to clean everything out.

    • Msds6495 years agoReport

      Thanks I'll try this but how will this fix the google problem on my other devices?..

  • 5 years ago

    Follow Alans advice but also download and run Ccleaner as it removes old stored cookies and webpages that have been cached and are read before downloading the newest content from the website and will slow things down if they have never been cleared.

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