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英文作句 please help me !

我想問下我作的句子對不對? 用詞是否恰當???

1. Endure

I can't endure what my friend told me. They said I am self-center.

I can't endure my boss. He always pay me salaries late.

I can't endure the pain form stomachache.

People are afraid of the government and endure the cruel policies.


I can't abide Peter. He always laugh at people.

Although Mary is very annoying, I have to abide her because she helps me a lot on work.


To Jenkin

They don't abide by the new school rules.

Mr Chan can't abide his naughty students. 這不是認同依從的意思, 這只是容忍, 那麼我作得對嗎?

abide 後面只可放"人"??

I tolerate her idea.

Under the economics recession, people are not used to endure living under poor environment.

He endures people's scorn.

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    abide by是遵守(某守則/規矩/原則)


    I can't abide Peter...的abide意思是「容忍」...是正確的寫法...

    第二句I have to abide her好像意思相同,但是你細閱字典會看見abide這字作為容忍只會用反面/否定...不能容忍..才會用這字,所以不會寫成I abide her的...

    一般人會用I tolerate her...「容讓」來表達「無奈接受」的意思


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    亦要留意endure一般不會用反面寫法: 不會I can't endure...the pain...(而會用I can't bear the pain).


    例如你People are afraid of the government and endure the cruel policies.

    有點接近正確用法,但endure的對象不是cruel policies而是endure living under the curel policies.意思是要"在惡法"下的忍耐生活而不是忍受惡法,邏輯上惡法你可以討厭/反對/無奈接受...但不能忍耐的。

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    eg Hong Kong citizen should abide by law


    I can't abide by Peter...

    ...I have to abide by her....

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