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幫忙寫英文文章-My Dream Job

要比英文演講,題目是My Dream Job

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    Everybody has his dream job. I also have my dream job. My dream is to work for foreign tourists as a tour guide.

    Why do I want to be a tour guide? First of all, I'm an outgoing girl, and I like doing some exciting things. Maybe being a tour guide is the best choice. If I become a tour guide, I can travel all around China, and know more about our country. Then I will tell the foreign tourists about our colorful history. Second, I like making friends. If I work as a tour guide, I can make a lot of friends all over the world. This may be great. Perhaps someday my foreign friends will ask me to visit their countries. I really like to go to their countries to know something about their culture. What’s more, I like singing. Singing English songs is my favorite. I believe I will be popular with foreign tourists. Their trip will be excellent.

    Now, I am still a middle school student. My job now is to work hard in school. Then I’ll go to university to learn something about being a tour guide. I’m sure I can be a qualified tour guide in the future.


    There are various kinds of jobs in the world, but different people are attracted by different jobs because everyone has his own interest and destination, Many people consider a dream job as a means of making more money and living more comfortably, It may sound reasonable because money is the foundation of life.

    As far as my dream job is concerned, I think I want to be a psychologist, I have made up my mind to do what I really want to so that I can realize my ideal, I believe interest is of the utmost importance in choosing a job, I have been interested in psychology for a long time, so I want to be a psychologist in the future, I think being a psychologist can help lots of people lead a happier life.


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    However, it isn't easy for me to become a qualified psychologist and many people around me think that it's unrealistic to me. NevertheLess, I'll make every effort to gain much more knowledge, patience, methods, etc.

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    To live up to The name of a qualified psychologist. I believe my dream will come true someday.

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