lord of 7th (jupiter in Taurus) in the 12th house! Is that really bad for marriage? Dob:10-08-1976 Baraolt, Romania, place of residence uk?


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  • 5 years ago
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    Latitude/longitude : 25E39--46 N -3

    Sukla poornima, mon day /tues day,

    gemini lagna, capricorn rasi


    8th lord, sani in 2nd with sun, and

    2nd lord lord moon in sani house, 8th,

    and in sama saptaka, 7/7,

    kuja is 8th from moon and

    2nd from lagna in Navamsa,

    sani, sukra, kalatra karaka, in 6/8 in

    Navamsa with sani in lagna,

    lord of 7th (spouse ) in 12th , may may lead

    to deprive by some reason or other , (away from someone: etc ),

    parivartana from 8th and 2nd may not be good,

    but at the same time sani is lord of 9th ,

    hence exchange 2nd and 9th may give physical enjoyment,

    kuja budha, sukra in same house may be rich,

    enthusiastic, but fickle minded

    get remedies

    may have good luck,

  • 5 years ago

    not necessarily . may be late marriage that is all

  • 5 years ago

    7th thouse -marriage,bonding,relationship.

    12th house-house of loss,seperation from metrial world,its fully spiritual world,foreign land.

    when 7th lord goes in 12th house its indicate loss of 7th house things. may be indicate loss of relation or u'll meet ur life partner in foreign land or ur spouse may be ur spiritual teacher. to really see marriage life u've to see NAVAMSHA CHART, WHO IS THE CONTROLER OF 7TH & 9TH HOUSE IF THERE ARE ANY PLANET DEPOSIT OR NOT & where is mars placed if its placed in 12,1,4,7,8TH HOUSE IN UR BIRTH CHART then one can SAY U VE BAD MARRIAGE LIFE.

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