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淅菜 20分急!!!

Please help me to translate 淅菜 to English and find its region,flavor,special points,

cooking method and example of 淅菜. And I want those information are all in English.

Thanks very much.

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  • 6 years ago
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    Zhejiang (Province) has got the Zhejiang Food.

    (1) Hangzhou Crystal Garden has got a picture menu with English makes (your cooking) ordering very easy.---(a)Steamed mince pork and roe balls; or (b)chicken in rice wine;

    (2)Hangzhou Zhangshengji has got a variety of dishes emphasis on(c) fish.

    -----Prices are low and quality high.

    (3)Hangzhou Shang Palace has got local favourites such as (d)Beggar's Chicken and (e)Dongpo pork(=squared diced pork) inside the Shangri-La Hotel where you can assumed to be near Shanghai.

    (4)Nanchang The New Oriental Hotel has got(f) Spicy fish head tofu as the local specialty.

    -------Central China has got the Zhejiang&Jiangxi which are lying to the south of Shanghai where Zhejiang is bordered by Jiangxi.They are a vast region of fertile farmland and commercial centres.

    -------Sights at a glance on Towns&Cities are(1)Hangzhou (2)Jingdezhen (3)Jiujiang (4)Nanchang(5)Ningbo (6)Shaoxing and (7)Wenzhou.

    ------The menu is based on Zhejiang cooking classic.Ingredients,utensils should be found out by yourself. I am sorry .

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