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我的「The Spark of Life」是能夠成為一個行山教練。首先,我會說明為什麼想成為一個行山教練。其次我會如何去完成目標。最後當我成為了行山教練後





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    My 'The Spark of Life is to be the coach of the hiker. First, I will explain why I would like to be the coach of the hiker. Second, I will talk about what will I do toachieve my goal. Finally, I would explain what will I do after I become a coach ofhiker.

    First,hiking is a challenging outdoor activity.Not only physical power is needed for hiking, but also enough knowledge of hiking and good hiking equipment. Once anyone of the above is missing, the trip will become grieved. Therefore, we have to check the equipment before we start hiking every time to avoid accidents happen.

    Whenever I finished a trip,I would feel satisfy. I would wish that the trip next time would be more challenging then this time, and I can use even more of my hiking knowledge.

    Second,in our daily lives, we can only see a lot of skyscrapers which are closed to each other. We can only hear the noise from the car and the shouting when people are talking on phone. However, we can keep away from the busy city in the mountain. We can breath the fresh air. We can see the green mountains and plenty of beautiful views. We can also listen different sounds from birds. We can put all worries aside when we are hiking. I also wish to share my knowledge and experience of hiking to everyone. I wish that everyone can have a delightful, safe hike.

    How can I be the coach? I still have to face a lot of challenges and difficulties before I can be the coach. Therefore, I have to absorb more knowledge and experiences. Therefore, whenever I have time, I will join more volunteer activities about hiking. However, the most important thing will be I can finish this course and get the diploma. I will find some part time when I have time so I can save money.

    Finally, after I become the coach of hiker, I will pay all my attention in the industry about hiking and try to open a course to teach the hiker. I hope I can teacher whatever I have learned about hiking to others...

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    In my article, [The Spark of Life] which wrote I wished to be a coach for hiking and would like to plan how to reach my goal. Then, after having become a coach, at first hiking is quite a challenged activity which not only requires physical strength but also knowledge and outfits without either one of them will lead the trip from enjoyment into disaster. Owing to this, it is very important to check against the hiking outfits so as to prevent from any accident. After having completed each hiking trip, I always have the feeling of success and hoping for more challenging and to apply my learned knowledge the next time.

    The next one, we will see that there are only a number of closely adjacent high-rise buildings within which lots of noises of vehicles and high pitched phone calls. Being among the hills, which are far from the noisy city and we can breathe in a mouthful of fresh air, or watching the scenery of green grass hills or listening to different sounds of birds so as to forget all our troubles. After that, I wish to share with all of you my learned knowledge and experience of hiking and hoped that'll enable a safe and enjoyable hiking.

    Besides, it needs a lot of trainings, actual practices to absorb more knowledge and experience prior to become a coach and if time available, I will act as a volunteer to participate the related activities. But most of all, is to complete the course so as to obtain the certificate of graduation and then to find a part time job during my leisure in order to earn more money.

    Finally, once to become a coach of hiking and will devote myself to that carrier and to open a class so as to teach and share all interested people with my learned knowledge and enjoyment of hiking.

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    (Continue for the above , this is another account, but still is me)

    to others who are interested in hiking. I wish that I can share the joy with others

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