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What is going on with Days of our Lives?

The Meredith Viera show airs at 12pm CST and my program guide (I have Comcast) still shows Days airing at 12 and the gay Dr. Oz show at 1 so I have to "record" the Dr. Oz show so I have Days. Anyone else having this problem?



Update 2:

sounds like I need a answer from someone in the CENTRAL TIME zone that has Comcast or ComCRAP as I call it .

Update 3:

It's finally adjusted now lol.

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    I have DOOL on NBC and Meridith Viera talk show is on ABC here, I have ATT but she comes on at 3 pm here. Her show took the place of Katie Couric. Since Katie went to Yahoo how pathetic is that?

    I am in the Central Time zone but we do not have Comcast here.

    DOOL comes on at 12pm to 1pm NBC

    Dr.Oz comes on at 1pm NBC

    Meredith comes on at 3pm ABC

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    I have 2 NBC's on my cable. I watch it at 12:30 till 1:30. Not sure about the other that comes on at 1. Viera comes on ABC here. I have Metrocast

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