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Video & Online Gaming: Do The People have tips on doing Grand Theft Auto V's Arms Trafficking Air V?

'In the last mission, Trevor will need to destroy three sets of vehicles being used by the Rednecks in the Sandy Shores Airfield, that they took as a base of operations. There will be two sets of planes and one of trucks, this time when Trevor drops a bomb, instead of a single bomb he will drop a chain, so it's important that the plane be aligned with the sets of vehicles so he does not waste any bomb. Once all three sets are destroyed, take the plane back to McKenzie Field Hangar and land on the hangar. The sets can be destroyed in any order and Trevor will have four chains of bombs to destroy all the sets, meaning that he can only miss once.'

How do The People fly, aim the bombs, avoid Obstacles and do this all in perfect aim?

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    I tried watching a youtube video,but it didn't help me in the least.i have tried doing this mission over and over,and still haven't got it yet.i have had gta 5 since day one of its release.good luck.if you do find something that works,please mail me and let me know.thanks.

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