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請問一下心得的譯 謝謝 不用全翻(20點)





不用每個字都翻譯,只要差不多一頁A4紙的75%就夠了 謝謝!


標點符號不要全部都逗號比較好,盡量不要用翻譯機 不然會很詭異 謝謝!!

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    由於我有回答妳問題的義務 所以我還是翻譯到第二段最後 希望你不會介意


    This book has continued thief's of the first volume of god fire story, also is 1 concerns the Greek mythology story, but but some is fictionalizes does not wrongly perceive, his story construction is very good, but must start from the first volume to look, only then knew the role Arab League story background, how is does continue, also obtains American president to choose the book, the New York Times ......And so on, best-selling rank first, therefore this book must looked, let not want to go to read the material your also heart movement, also belongs to Greece's history, had studies some useful things.

    I thought this book content is extremely simple extremely makes the human impression to be profound actually, he has also promoted the movie, I recommend looked first the novel in watches the movie.In the novel the content writes extremely vividly, lifelike, can feel resembles that position to look disdainfully all living things, the inviolable Greek god, that sacred arrogant, holy busy god beast, even is that one evilly to the extremely monster in front of you, instructs you, to look you, even attack you.Looked when this book, you meet instantaneous probably own to turn lead Posey the Jake woods to be same, place oneself in this risk journey, the one's side has the friend to accompany, the support, rests suddenly in the risk journey, also attacks suddenly, own breath can see one climax after another along with the plot accelerates or slows down, but very little has the book to be possible to let the human such along with the plot excited or relieved, Posey has faced the unprecedented big challenge, but in this book, although has the fight, but can feel actually leaves sadly, with pain.

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