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如題,內容是the feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable,然後似乎是要我找status.msi這個檔案,一直關不掉該怎麼解決呢?

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    版主是否有安裝HP印表機?1:有:[CHROME翻譯] 將安裝光盤的印表機。現在,在CD的內容,打開位置設置\狀態,現在右鍵點擊Status.msi,點擊修復。它可能會要求您重新啟動電腦。如果這不起作用,那麼當你拿到“安裝盒”,然後點擊瀏覽按鈕,找到光盤上的status.msi文件在同一個位置,箱子不應該出現。如果還是不行,請創建一個系統還原點,然後卸載並重新安裝HP印表機軟件和驅動程序[Insert the installation cd for yourprinter. Now in the CD contents, open the location setup\status, now rightclick on Status.msi and click on repair. It may ask you to restart the PC.If this doesn't work, then when youget the "installation box", then click on the Browse button andlocate the status.msi file on the CD in the same location, and the box shouldntreappear.]2:沒有: 您是否嘗試過更新您的Windowsinstaller?

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