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※Police functions include protecting life and property , enforcing criminal

law , criminal investigations , regulation traffic , crowd control and other

public safety duties.

※There is no denying that police deal with public security and traffic for a long time , this also has became a routine work with time.

※People’s perception of crime is often much worse than the reality . Fear of crime is often heightened by what we see and read in the newspapers.

※From Kansas patrol experience we can know something. Increasing the number of the police doesn’t lower the crime rate or increases the

proportion of sdved crimes . Randomized motor patrol neither lowers crime nor increases the changes of catching suspects. So we have to use some policing useful , for example , the neighborhood policing.

※Neighborhood policing is the way that local police work with local people and others to identify and tackle the issnes that make people living and

working in the neighborhood feel unsafe.

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