Can I ship things using a USPS collection box?

I am looking to sell things on ebay. I would mostly be selling cds, video games, and movies. Maybe books. Smaller stuff. I was wondering if I can create the shipment online and then use a padded envelope to pack it and then drop it into the blue USPS boxes found everywhere? Thanks.

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    The United States Postal Service (USPS) bases pricing of mail on a combination of factors like size, weight, shape, destination, item valuation, and class of service selected. The information included is for mail sent from one United States location to another.

    The thickness of the packed padded envelope may be too much for the blue collections box internal opening, which is much smaller than the external opening. This could cause the parcel to become stuck, and fail to drop into the USPS collection box interior. Recommend taking these thicker padded envelopes to the Post Office branch near you for shipping. There are wide-mouth parcel drop boxes inside the lobby of each Post Office branch, where parcels with postage labels already applied can be dropped off without having to stand in line for counter service.

    When sending items in an envelope thicker than 1/4 inch, the postage cost to send the padded envelope First-Class Mail Parcel rate will be higher than for a thin letter envelope. The example information below is factual, determined using the USPS Calculation page, and gives you an idea of how postage prices will change for a padded envelope based on envelope weight.


    First-Class Mail Parcel

    Customer supplied small padded envelope

    one ounce - $2.32

    two ounces - $2.32

    three ounces - $2.32

    four ounces - $2.50

    five ounces - $2.68

    six ounces - $2.86

    seven ounces - $3.04

    eight ounces - $3.22

    nine ounces - $3.40

    ten ounces - $3.58

    eleven ounces - $3.76

    twelve ounces - $3.94

    thirteen ounces - $4.12


    The USPS offering of Media Mail service is an inexpensive postage rate for shipping certain items including the books mentioned with the question. Under the USPS guidelines for using USPS Media Mail service, there can be no personal correspondence or cards included in the package. But you can send a packing list or bill, showing the following information.

    -- Names and addresses of the sender and addressee

    -- Article names and quantities enclosed

    -- Order or file number, order date, charges

    -- Shipment date, weight, postage paid

    For a small fee, you can add the option of tracking to a package sent using USPS Media Mail service, whether you buy the postage label online or across the counter at a local Post Office branch.

    Packages shipped using USPS Media Mail service and weighing between one ounce and sixteen ounces will cost $2.69. Below are examples of the pricing for USPS Media Mail service based on certain weights.

    one pound, one ounce up to two pounds = $3.17

    two pounds, one ounce up to three pounds = $3.65

    three pounds, one ounce up to four pounds = $4.13

    four pounds, one ounce up to five pounds = $4.61

    five pounds, one ounce up to six pounds = $5.09

    six pounds, one ounce up to seven pounds = $5.57

    seven pounds, one ounce up to eight pounds = $6.03

    eight pounds, one ounce up to nine pounds = $6.49

    nine pounds, one ounce up to ten pounds = $6.95

    ten pounds, one ounce up to eleven pounds = $7.41

    Use the USPS Calculation page link below to determine the exact postage for the weight and size item you are mailing. Enter the destination, select using a large envelope or box (package) for mailing, enter the weight, and get the required postage amounts.


    Suggest using the size padded envelope which will hold the book in place within the envelope, and not let the volume shift around as this might rub color off the cover or dust jacket. Also, do not use a padded envelope too small because this will bind the book edges and cause possible damage. Additionally, consider some added steps to protect what is being sent.

    -wrap each volume in sheets of white tissue paper or in plain newsprint

    -if multiple volumes, wrap two or three books together

    -place plastic bag over each tissue wrapped book or bundle, sealing with tape

    -place this package inside the padded envelope; if using a box, stuff unfilled space with packing material

    Personally have used the USPS Media Mail service for sending and receiving books.

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    There is a 13 ounce rule. If your item weighs more than that, you have to "take it to the counter"--but there a HUGE exception to that. If you generate the postage from My eBay (the best place to do it since you get free delivery confirmation and they include first class rates) or the Post Office Click 'n Ship it counts as your data is embedded in the barcodes. The same is true if you generate postage at the post office at a 24/7 kiosk.

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