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我是xx公司財務部負責貴公司帳務的Ting 主旨:請貴公司配合協助本公司向國稅局申請中華民國所得稅法第xx條規定,以減輕本公司自行負擔之營利事業所得稅課徵。 說明:中華民國法令規定,在中華民國境內取得之營利事業所得,應就營利事業所得之20%課徵營利事業所得稅,一直以來所得稅均由本公司負擔。(如附件1) 因貴公司提供技術服務於本公司之性質,符合中華民國所得稅法第xx條規定,且日後雙方仍有合作關係,本公司誠摯希望貴公司能協助配合相關證明文件,以減輕本公司課徵所得稅之負擔。 除填寫授權書外,由於貴公司所開立之發票不包含營利事業所得稅20%,需請貴公司配合開立。萬分感謝! 相關申請書表如下:1)授權書power of attorney,(如附件2)2)補開立xx年至xx年由本公司自行負擔之發票,(如附件3)

說明-提供技術服務:技術服務之範圍,包括規劃、設計、安裝、檢測、維修、試車、諮詢、顧問、審核、監督、認證、人員訓練等服務型態。 請不要用翻譯軟體翻,這是要給外國公司看的,謝謝!


萬分感謝~ Ian 及Sunny 的幫忙.



2)第XX條 英文要不要加 XXth ?

3)參考附件x ,兩位寫的都不一樣,是都可以嗎?


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    I am XX Corporate Finance Department is responsible for your company account Ting


    Please assist the company to apply to the IRS article XX of the income tax law of the Republic, to reduce the burden on the company's own corporate income tax levy.


    Republic Act provides that income generated in the profit obtained in the territory of the Republic, shall be levied on profit earned from 20% corporate income tax, income tax shall be borne by the company has always been. (Annex 1)

    For your company to provide technical services in the nature of the company, in line with article XX of the income tax law of the Republic, and both sides still have a relationship in the future, the company sincerely hope you will coordinate with the relevant supporting documents, in order to alleviate the burden of the corporate income tax.

    Except to fill out a power of Attorney, but because of your open invoices does not include corporate income tax 20%, required of the company combined with the opening.

    Very grateful!

    Related applications are as follows:

    1) power of Attorney power of Attorney, (annex 2)

    2) fill open XX to XX years from the company responsible for invoice, (annex 3)

    Description-the provision of technical services:

    Range of technical services, including planning, design, installation, inspection, repair, testing, certification, advisory, consultancy, audit, supervision, staff training and other types of service.


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    I am xx company finance department am responsible for your firm bookkeeping Ting

    Primary intention:

    Asks your firm to coordinate to assist this company to apply for the Republic of China obtained tax law xxth stipulation to Internal Revenue Service, reduces this company to bear it to seek to make a profit voluntarily the enterprise obtained duty tax to draft.


    Republic of China law stipulated that, obtains it within the boundaries of Republic of China to seek to make a profit the enterprise obtained, should seek to make a profit the enterprise obtained 20% class to draft seeks to make a profit the enterprise income tax, the income tax has borne since continuously by this company.Because (for example appendix 1

    ) your firm provides the technical service nature of in the this company, conforms to the Republic of China obtained tax law xxth stipulation, also both sides still will have the cooperation in the future, this company sincere hope your firm could assist to coordinate the correlation to prove the document, reduced this company class to draft burden the income tax.

    Besides filling in power of attorney, because your firm draws up the receipt not to contain seeks to make a profit the enterprise income tax 20%, must ask your firm to coordinate to draw up.

    Extremely thanks!

    The related requisition table is as follows:

    1) power of attorney power of attorney, (for example appendix 2)

    2) makes up draws up to bear the receipt voluntarily for xx year to xx year by this company, (for example appendix 3)

    explained - provides the technical service:

    Scope of the technical service, including service states and so on plan, design, installment, examination, service, test run, consultation, consultant, verification, surveillance, authentication, personnel training.

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