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Story Character Names - 25 POINTS POSSIBLE?

I know this is long. Sorry.

Hi, I'm writing a story about a 16 year old girl named Gwen Caverly and I need some help.

1) I need a middle name for her, more info at the bottom and on question 3.

2) I need a middle name for her brother, Scott Caverly.

3) Her real name will probably be either Gwen or Guenivere. I'm not entirely opposed to Gwendolyn, though. Feedback on this?

4) Her best friend's name is Ginger and I need a last name for her too.

*BONUS* Right now the love interest is Toby San Marcos. If you can come up with a better last name plus answer all these questions it's twenty points. If you can come up with a middle name for Toby, it's 21. Admit it, you need the extra point.

*BONUS BONUS* Hair color? Eye color? FOR GWEN ONLY 25 pts if you answer everything else too. Kennedy is a brunette but I don think that matters too much, Gwen can be too.

Gwen is 16 years old and she can't speak. She has a fraternal twin sister, Kennedy (middle name Evangeline), a brother, Scott, and her parents, Ann Blair Caverly and Adam Caverly. She is upper middle class and her best friend's name is Ginger.

Thank you!

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    1.) Giovanna, Arianna, Shaylee, Olivia, Emerson, Marie, Elizabeth, Elyse, Haley, Ivy, Charlotte, Aurelia, Amelia, Magnolia, Michaela, Arabelle, Camille, Violet, Eudora, Eugenia, Noelle, Coralie, Rosaline, Wren, Rosabella, Lucia, Amelia, Victoria, Aurora, Natalie, Rebecca, Johanna, Esme, Penelope, Annabel

    2.) Lee, Steven, Michael, Daniel, Adam, Jackson, Ryan, Andrew, Riley, Peter, Kevin, Samuel, Travis, Seth, Xander, Grayson, Ashton, Ethan, Anthony, Lucas, Christopher, Dylan, Jerome, William, Evander, Jeffery, Edward, Nathaniel

    3.) Guenivere

    4.) Grey, Terrell, Pixton, Polinshky, Cross, Simone, Maybank, McGinn, Joltes, Wilkens, Holmes, Bigby, Hillion, Greenlaw, Campbell, Landers, Breton, Durant, Stonewell, Romanelli, Stanford, Foxen, Bellhouse, Ammons, Magil, Watson, Avrett

    Bonus.) San Marios sounds like a good last name but if you need another last name, here are some:

    Giannola, Howson, Caras, Escobar, Reyes, Alvarez, Castillo, Castro, Cruz, Rios, Rossi, Russo, Ferrari, Bianchi, Romano, Marino, Lombardi

    Bonus, Bonus.) Hazel Eyes, Silver eyes, Amber eyes, Golden Brown eyes, Chocolate brown eyes, Aquamarine Blue, Arctic Blue eyes Jet Black eyes, Smoky Black, Doe-eyed brown, Cornflower Blue eyes, Crystal Blue, Electic Blue eyes, Brandy brown eyes, Champagne brown eyes, Sapphire blue eyes, Sky blue eyes, Chestnut brown eyes, Topaz brown eyes, Walnut brown eyes, Smoky Gray eyes, Steel Gray eyes, Storm gray eyes, Bottle green eyes, Cat's eye green, Chartreuse green eyes, Emerald Green eyes, Forest green eyes, Grass green eyes, Jade Green eyes, Leaf green eyes, Sea green eyes, Amethyst Violet eyes, Hyacinth violet eyes, Ultramarine violet eyes


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