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客户给我的信息:As the delivery time has been hugely extended (we hope we all agree on this fact) the directors are demanding a 10% rebate to compensate this big cost of lost sales. Please see what you can do.

我想要的回复:我们知道此次订单延迟出货,关于这一点我们会加倍注意。由于此次订单全是促销商品,而我们的利润已经很低了,因此无法给予10%的回扣。为了表示我们的诚意,我们接受您所要求的所有照片拍摄。根据公司的规定,客户要求的照片都必须付费。每一张照片的价格为xxx总共有20张。这一次我们将会把您所有的商品送去拍摄及免费提供所有的High Res Photo给您。所以我们真的无法给予你回扣。希望您能谅解。


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    We understand your loss the delay has brought to you. We are really sorry for that and would like to do something. However, 10% rebate is really too much for us. As you know, all of the items in this order belong to promotion products at special prices. We don't make that much profit to give you the rebate. What we can do is to provide you with the high resolution photos of all your products - for free. We will be much more careful to prevent the late delivery like this time from happening again.

    至於一張照片幾元共幾張的問題, 我應該不會提, 除非他主動問.

    因為這種事情盡量不要在細節內打轉, 盡快把把話題移開. 討論之後合作的事比較重要. 他只是想要藉這個機會討個小便宜, 並不真的缺那 10%.

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    Sorry for late delivery to cause you inconvenience. All items you order are the promotional products and the benefit is low enough. So we can’t offer you a 10 rebate. To express our sincerity, we accept to cover all fees related to taking pictures for you(US$XXX /each picture*20 including High Res Photo for free). Thanks for your consideration. Note: 合約無註明延遲交貨罰則,應無需賠償。除非是自己過失,就難免了

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