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寶寶 asked in 科學工程學 · 6 years ago

測試模具的英文翻譯 20點喔

請問各位大大 :



"開了模具後, 必須反覆測試, 有時必須做好幾次修改,所以開模具完成時間很難準確估計,如果貴公司決定要我們開模,請及早通知,並預先付開模費用,才能確保有足夠的時間完成"

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  • 麻辣
    Lv 7
    6 years ago
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    The die must be tested and modified repeatedly after it has finished. Thus we hardly know completed time for a die.Please inform early of us if you decide to order a die, and pay cash to make sure it in time.

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