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Should I trade T. Gerhart for T.Y Hilton?

Someone wants to give me T.Y Hilton for toby gerhart. Is that a good trade?

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    Under no circumstances should you consider this trade. Gerhart is one of the few true, 3 down backs in the league with no competition for carries. If you need help at WR, fine, but in a 1-1 trade, you want someone with much less risk than Hilton. Nobody has a clue how this passing game will play out.

    For someone like Gerhart, you want a WR more similarly ranked, like Antonio Brown, Cruz, Vincent Jackson, etc. If he's not willing to do this, then walk away. This trade just strengthens his team and weakens yours.

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    5 years ago

    If you are weak at WR and strong at RB, yes. If you are weak at RB and strong at WR then no

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