Who should be my week 1 starters?

QB: Matthew Stafford vs NYG Defense or Phillip Rivers vs Arz Defense

RB: Doug Martin vs Carolina Defense or Marc Ingram vs Atlanta Defense

Flex: Pierre Garcon vs Houston Defense or Cordarrele Patterson vs St Louis Defense

Thanks for the help.

2 Answers

  • John S
    Lv 5
    6 years ago

    Start Matt Stafford.

    NY defense is good, but not as stout as AZ. Rivers will have a tougher time. Stafford has a ton of receivers to pick from, all solid including Megatron.

    Martin VS Ingram is a tough choice, almost a coin toss. I like Martin, but Carolina's D is stiffer than Atlanta's. I'd go with my gut -- Doug Martin.

    Garcon, easy choice versus Patterson. Well, the likely choice. St. Louis is touted for having one of the best defenses in the NFL this next season, where Houston is rebuilding.

    Good luck and have fun!

  • TB
    Lv 4
    6 years ago

    Stafford, Martin, Garcon

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