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Max M asked in Social SciencePsychology · 7 years ago

I find society and life too stressful :(?

I'm a teenager and really finding life very stressful. Not only academic pressure but societal and peer pressure. Society is all about looks looks looks whether you're hot, how much sex you have, how many people you sleep with, how many parties you go to etc. This often gets me down and I'm tired of always feeling stressed about this. How can I not get stressed by society and be happy?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Take any ideas here that feel suitable to your unique situation.

    Some wound is not healing.

    here is a website that might help

    Lifestyle changes may not solve your problems but may help to keep them from getting blown into bigger ones than they need to. Getting enough sleep is very important. 7 or more hours actual sleep.

    Food can be a source of health or it can be fuel on the fire of depression. If you are eating lots of sweets and carbohydrates and starches, you are setting yourself up for the letdown after the sugar high passes. This in itself can be a roller coaster experience. A high protein diet, either or both vegetable (tofu, soy products) and animal (yogurt, milk, eggs (the whites are all protein, the yokes are all fat, chicken range fed preferred, wild caught fish) Cut down or cut out carbos and feel the difference. Fruit can be subbed for desserts. Nuts can be a sub for snacks.

    Yoga, exercise or walking, meditation (follow the breath 5-15 minutes on awakening and before sleeping)

    Listen to soothing music and you may find yourself relaxing. I like new age or soft jazz instrumental - vocals seem to get me too involved in music.

    I also spend part of my day trying to make others happy too. How I work on that is to try to help others in small ways or at least to find the common ground and have compassion for those that are opposed to me. The Dali Lama is great for this kind of compassion. His book, The Open Heart addresses compassion and practicing helping all sentient beings.

  • 7 years ago

    Dont worry not everyone is like that. You're stressed because you have class. Find people who are like you and learn how to deal with stress. See what others do (look on youtube for GOOD ideas not drugs etc).

    Looks is something you'll work on as you get older....

    parties and sex lead to sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV etc...try to avoid it put your head down and study and get into a good uni if u can...although thats not necessary...

    remove your stress by doing things u enjoy

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