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Sean asked in Computers & InternetSecurity · 6 years ago

Today, I receivied a scam call which I did not discover till after, but went through a thing called ShowMyPc?

Indian accent guy calls up saying Microsoft Ireland Sandymount. Long story short, first thing I did was run After that, I downloaded ShowMyPc3160, at which point I pressed on ShowMyPc, called out a 12 digit number to him and from there, he was able to control the mouse on my computer. He showed me a bunch of files, then a load of virus warnings. After a minute of this, I was informed of a €12.50 charge. From here, I was asked to enter my name, address, b.o.d., bank details, credit card number. I said, one minute please. I left him on hold and rang up Microsoft Ireland where a girl with an Irish accent told me that they have a centre in Sandyford and that they don't ring out calls like the one I was getting. I picked up the phone again to him and asked, will you get off my computer please. He got off my computer and then hung up immediately. I rang Microsoft Ireland technical support straight after, however, I spent too long trying to get through so I just left it. Is this Indian accent guy claiming to be Steve Clark from a non existent Microsoft Ireland Sandymount able to use my computer now at his will? I turned off my computer after speaking with him, then turned it back on. I tried to change my password but windows said that it wasn't working. I turned the computer off again and back on but now I can't get into my computer. I tried my old one password and the new one I was trying, but to no avail.

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  • Sean
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    6 years ago

    Thanks for your answers. I'm wondering if he can see my emails as I was logged in at the time.

  • 6 years ago

    Those were scammers who wanted remote access to your computer to install malware and keyloggers then blackmail you into paying $500 to remove it. You NEVER allow anyone who calls you to access your computer

    Take your computer to a repair shop if you cannot get in so they can reset your password since the scammers have changed it to lock you out since you didn't pay them

  • John
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    6 years ago

    That is a scam.

    A thing they usually do while you are getting your card is search through your documents for personal information, social security numbers and such.

    As long as he had access to your computer, he was collecting anything he could find.

    And the list of viruses were not viruses, those are just a log of software events. They might look like viruses to someone who isn't computer savvy. But I mean, if you already have something detecting viruses on your computer, why would you need their help? lol.

    Never trust anyone ever that calls YOU. Any bank or financial institution that calls YOU should always confirm with an account number or email or something.

  • 6 years ago

    You have been Scammed, your best bet is now to format your drive, Reinstall windows and then change ALL your passwords for every account ever use on your PC.

    Also, if you entered any personal details like you was asked, then phone your bank and Credit card company to get them to cancel your cards and issue new ones, and check your Paypal account to make sure no payments have been made using it that you didn't authorise.

    NO LEGIT COMPANY from anywhere will ever phone you up to say you have problems with your PC. NOT EVEN MICROSOFT...

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  • mukram
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    4 years ago

    Show My Pc 3160

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