how to install 8gb ddr3 ram to this motherboard?????


I currently installed 2gb ddr3 1066 into one of the dimm slot so i need any suggestion of installing to 8gb thanks and it said 1333(oc) does that mean i need to overclock first to motherboard or do i just install 1333 ram wihtout doing anything to motherboard?

2 Answers

  • Jack K
    Lv 7
    6 years ago

    Just install the ram ... it will support overclocked ram but you don't HAVE to overclock it (and I wouldn't recommend you do on such an entry level board) ... you'll need to replace your existing 2GB stick with 2x4GB modules if you want 8GB in total

  • 6 years ago

    It should work just fine. As it have only 2 memory slot you need to use 2 x 4gb memory module. It only support ddr3 1333 so no need to buy higher speed memory but 1600 would work fine yet at downgraded 1333 speed.

    If it don't work, you may want to udate your bios :

    If it's still don't work you may have incompatible memory module, try with others.

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