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want to create a Facebook dummy account?

Under a different name, if I do could they still track it back to me or one of my other accounts? Like if I want to say something politically incorrect but not have someonw know its me?

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    Actually when anyone creates a new account on fb they ask for an email id ( may be gmail, yahoo or any other ). So if you are using your real email id then they can track you with that account.

    First create a new email account on rediff or any one site tht you like but don't use your phone number to verify the account and One most important thing to notice is that when ever a new account is created they also keep an eye on the ip addess from which the account has been created.

    I would suggest few steps :

    1. download TOR

    2. Create a new account on rediffmail or yahoo through TOR browser.

    3. Use this new account to create a new account on fb.

    4. Never ever use your personal details like phone number etc. because they can use them to gain information about you.

    Hopes you'll be able to achieve it . All d best

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    4 years ago

    Facebook Dummy Account

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    why hide your true opinions?

    or do you know theyre wrong and the world would be a better place if you didnt express them


    you can set up another facebook account - make an effort forchristsake

  • Muslim
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    6 years ago

    There is no need to hide your thoughts. You simply need to share it in your main account.

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