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Confidence with man boobs?

i have pretty decent sized man boobs and it has made it so i am embarrassed to wear t shirts especially when the wind blows against u and exposes everything. any help? i would also like if some other overweight people answered on how to overcome or cope with this.

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    If your whole body is proportionately fat as your man boobs it is probably a fat issue then you have to exercise, but if it is not it is probably Gynecomastia, which is a common condition for some boys, Nothing to worry (But Before coming in to a conclusion that it is Gynecomastia please see a doctor and remove your doubts)

    The best treatment for Gynecomastia is surgery, I know one of my friends has done it, He became a very confident Guy from a very depressed one after the surgery. (Just google and see the difference before and after the surgery) If you need more money to do the surgery start saving from today or borrow and pay installments or tell your parents how depressed you are and get some money, But do the surgery

    So don't go through the mental pain again and again, find a solution to the problem even if it may take some time

    Best of Luck!

    PS: Please see this search link to know the difference

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    It's all about self confidence and mind over matter. If you don't don't matter. It took me years to overcome my receding hairline and baldness. The sad fact is that I have a beautiful wife of 22-yrs who has never cared and loved me regardless. I finally stopped wearing hats this past year and have never felt better. I have noticed a difference in my self confidence when talking to others in public. It will do you wonders whether it's man boobs, hair, weight, etc...

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    Wear your boobs with pride! If people sense your embarrassment, they will taunt you mercilessly, but if they see you're cool with it and can laugh about it, then they'll lay off.

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