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Start J. Bell or R. Jennings week 1? PPR League?

Who should I start in a PPR League? Will be my flex.

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    First, J Bell won't be splitting carries with Blount. He plays for Detroit and he'll be splitting carries and catches with Bush. However this may be one of those rare backfields where both guys are startable, simply because of that prolific offense. It's also a dream matchup at home vs a team that can't get going.

    Jennings has a much worse situation, because it's reasonable to conclude the Giants will get behind quickly in this one, and that means Eli slinging the ball. I don't think it's even close that you'd start Bell. Also, it appears that Bell may be the #1 in this platoon, not Bush.

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    Messykat does not understand that jennings is involved in the passing game so there is value here. He will not share carries like Bell will either. Although both are pretty equal here my feeling is most likely Detroit will get the lead and Bell will be a prominent rb in this situation. So I do say Bell by the slightest margin

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