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Professional Wrestling: What did The People think about Monday Night RAW!?

Actual Question: What do The People think about Wrestling Jesus's Ten Reason's WWE Sucks?

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This may come as a shock to a lot of The People but, I agree with mostly everything he says. WWE doesn't really have a product anymore, it's just rematches and replays.

Total Nonstop Action might be in the gutter but at least they have multiple storylines with purpose going on, somewhat.

Would you know United States Champion Sheamus is going against Cesaro? I doubt that, would you have realized 'The World's Largest Tag-Team' was in a rivalry with The Wyatt Family. I doubt that; Although I'm personally not missing them where did Xavior Woods, Big E Langston and Kofi Kingston Go? Oops.

This might be a bold statement, but I think WWE needs to start kicking The People out of the arena. AJ Lee comes out, anyone who chants CM Punk gets the boots; simple.

Anyone who starts chanting Announcers names, Gets the boots; anyone who starts chanting previous gimmicks that aren't spoken about or referenced to. Get the boot;

I'd even go as far as if you gave me a place to sleep and food to eat, I'd book WWE better 4 Free.

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    I'm in no way, watching a rambling of 32 minutes. I'll do that later, when I get the time.

    I thought you'd never say it, but RAW has been boring. I missed RAW last week, and I didn't care.

    -The Bellas Storyline.

    -The Deadbeat crowd.

    -What the heck is Rollins doing?

    -Orton vs. Reigns can/could/should have, been done much better.

    -Daniel Bryan, Bad News Barrett, Ambrose, out of in-ring competition currently.

    -Damien Sandow jobbing.

    The Only Good Parts:

    -Damien Sandow's Gimmicks (I have a problem with the jobbing, the gimmicks are genius)

    -Bo Dallas's Ignorant Heel Work (Can't believe it's on the Good Parts List)

    -AJ Lee, Paige

    -Paul Heyman.

    -Chris Jericho, and talents like Rollins, Reigns, etc.

    Here's something I'd like the WWE to answer.

    1) What happened to Fandango, Layla and Summer Rae's angle? Why did it go to hell?

    2) Why is Damien Sandow jobbing? Surely 'learning the ropes' is no excuse to hold him back.

    3) Why are The Bellas getting more spotlight than Cesaro, Sheamus and Sandow?

    4) Why are Cesaro, Sheamus and Sandow not in the Upper Mid Card?

    5) Why is Adam Rose not Leo Kruger?

    6) Why do you think we care who Adam Rose's Bunny is?

    7) Why do we care who stole Nikki's prom date and driving licence?

    8) Why are main events so predictable?

    9) What were Eva Marie, Cameron, Naomi, Rosa Mendez, Summer Rae etc. doing tonight?

    10) What happened to Kofi, Woods and Big E?

    11) Why can't Big E Langston (young powerhouse), Mark Henry (like Farooq of the NoD, put over talent), JTG (comedic relief) be a faction? //This could be biased because Dark Gimmicks and Factions are two things that I love too much.

    12) Why has Dolph vs. The Miz gotten so repetitive and drab? (Coming from someone who likes The Miz).

    13) Why are the US/IC titles ignored?

    14) Why are the Tag Titles meaningless?

    15) What's the point of Stardust and Goldust, unless Cody turns Heel, wipes off the paint and says "Hey, this is stupid. I've had my make-believe fun, time to get serious" or something like that. I'm not asking The Brotherhood to break up, I actually like them. Just don't see the point.. kind of.

    Me and my friends on predicted the Main Event when we heard of the highlight Reel instead. I was very slightly off on the prediction, but Cena looking strong to face Lesnar was an easy guess.

    I don't know who or what is doing this, but RAW was boring as ever. Absolute boredom.

    TNA does worse. I've given TNA too many chances and they repelled me like the plague.

    Are you insane? How can the WWE throw people out an arena? It's too big of a risk to take. Too big of a risk. Better to just deal with the chants.

    But honestly, smart alecs who chant Punk's name as AJ (by the way, I've said this a year ago and still say, AJ is or will be Trish and Lita level, perhaps beyond) need to be beaten up like animals. And I'm disappointed. I gave up on Smackdown! for a few weeks and I haven't watched RAW last week. Most indies like ROH don't interest me because I need big storylines, promos etc to get matches going. Pure wrestling is good, but it needs Sports Entertainment.

    Please, somebody save this. Vince Russo, Shane McMahon, freaking Jeff Jarrett.. I don't care. Just RAW was unbearably boring tonight. I swear, if Nikki Bella opens next week's RAW saying Brie stole her pancakes and pizzas when they were 9, I will watch Pokemon or Naruto in my spare time.

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    I thought Raw was poor this week overall. Nothing special took place and nothing really advanced with no new developments.

    But that is always the case with weekly wrestling shows, you get the good surprises at every turn ones, you get the few good matches ones and you get the poorer same old stuff ones and this week's was in the poorer category.

    As for the YouTube guy I could not care less, that's his opinion, I like WWE and always will, a true fan takes the good with the bad I always say.

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    something must be wrong with you if you can't tell what feuds are going on.

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      What purpose do these feuds have that are so blatantly obvious?

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