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    Here are your air travel allowance and remuneration for your speech.

    Please sign here:

    Please print your name here:

    "旅費" travel allowance, 既然是搭乘飛機, 那就前面加上 air 即可

    "酬勞" remuneration, 比較正式, 禮貌

    "用英文正楷寫字", 只要一個 print 就行了

    請人簽名和寫下名字是兩件事情, 所以需要兩個欄位, 因為洋人簽名多為鬼畫符, 必須另外加上正楷姓名, 否則誰也看不懂

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    Please scan and then email to me the page containing official departure stamp by R.O.C.’s Immigration in your passport.

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    Here are your airfare reimbursement and lecture honorarium, Please sign here. (簽名處) Please print your name here (通常在簽名線之下方)

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    通常外賓先自行購買機票, 因此見面時機票款用" reimbursement" 歸墊這個字

    而演講"費"則是用 "honorarium" 酬金謝禮更加禮貌與適當

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    This is your Flight Ticket fee, and Lecture Fee.Please print your name clearly here in the Block in capital letters.

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    This is your airplane ticket and payment ,please sign your name here.


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    This is your Flight ticket fee and Lecture fee, please sign your name in here in normal style.

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