Can you explain what is the ISIS group from Syria Iraq?

What are their motives, their origin, their leader, etc? Please put it in simpler words. I can't really understand the sophisticated words the news websites use, thanks.

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    Well they didn't just drop in from out of nowhere. They've been around for a while. A lot of them were fighters for Al Qaeda in Iraq during the Bush administration's war. They also participated in the more militantly Islamic elements of the Syrian rebel forces.

    What is new about them is that they've now decided to start a state run along Islamist principles. This state is extending its reach into parts of Syria and very large parts of Iraq.

    It's a problem for a number of reasons:

    1. These people are avowed terrorists and they pose a threat to the region.

    2. They are sectarian Sunnis, and they are taking control of areas populated by other groups such as Shia, Christians and Kurds.

    3. They want a new war with the West and they want to extend that war globally.

    4. They are attracting disaffected foreigners looking for a cause to join

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