How should I respond to this?

Craigslist seller asks me:

Do you want to get the stuff at my place or meet somewhere?

The seller is female, so she's probably not going to murder me. But how should I respond/do? It's a great deal on school supplies.

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  • 5 years ago
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    Ask her to meet up with each other. If you're worried about her trying to murder you then try to schedule to meet at a place where people are so it won't be easy to get away with. If you don't know her then don't go to her house, your mother should have warned you about stranger danger. If she doesn't want to meet at any public places then just find another seller. If she really wasn't going to hurt you, she would agree with what you say. Besides, you're her customer. If it doesn't work out you can always find more deals too :) good luck and I hope you get those supplies :)

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  • Yeti
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    5 years ago

    Don't assume she won't murder you just because she sounds female. Even if somebody doesn't intentionally harm you, stupid stuff can happen (like a dog in her yard, whatever).

    Pick a fairly public spot, like a mall parking lot.

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