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YWWE Clash of the Champions pick winners and rate matches and show?

1. Legion of Doom v Axl Rotton & Balls Mahoney ECW Tag Team Title Chair Match

2. The Dudley Boyz v The Bashem Brothers v The Nasty BoysTriple Threat WWE Tag Team Title Tables Elimination Mach

3. New Age Outlaws v Kings of Wrestling v Demolition v Generation Me Fatal Four Way World Tag TeamTitle Match

4. AJ Lee v Mickie James Knockouts Title Match

5. Paige v Brooke v Naomi Knight Triple Threat Divas Title Match

6. Eve Torres v Brie Bella Natalya v Melina Fatal Four Way Womens Title Match

7. AJ Styles v Davey Richards v Evan Bourne v Austin Aries v Sin Cara Ultimate X X-Division Title Match

8. Eddie Edwards v Eric Young v Tyson Kidd v Kaz v Yoshi Tatus v Juvintud Guerrera v KENTA v Paul London v Jeff Hardy v Jimmy Wang Yang v Rocky Romero v Rob van Dam 12 Man Cruiserweight Title Battle Royal


9. Chaisaw Charlie v Sandman Hardcore Title Match

10. Desmond Wolfe v Sheamus European Title Match

11. Elijah Burke v Shelton Benjamn v “Cowboy” James Storm v Dean Ambrose v Mike Knox v Alexander Rusev Televison Title 6 Pack Challenge

12. King Booker v Luke Harper v Alberto Del Rio v Wade Barrett v Jake “The Snake” Roberts v Roman Reigns United States Title 6 Pack Challenge

Update 2:

14. Bobby Lashley v Chris Benoit v John Cena v Mark Henry v Stone Cold Steve Austin v Ultimate Warrior ECW Title Elimination Chamber

15. Batista v Bret “The Hitman” Hart v Chris Jericho v Eddie Guerrero v Shawn Michaels v Undertaker World Heavyweight Championship Title Elimination Chamber

16. Brock Lensar v CM Punk v Edge v Kane v Kurt Angle v Randy Orton WWE Title Elimination Chamber

Update 3:

ECW Title Elimination Chamber entry order

1 John Cena

2 Ultimate Warrior

3 Bobby Lashley

4 Chris Benoit

5 Mark Henry

6 Stone Cold Steve Austin

World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Entry Order

1 Chris Jericho

2 Eddie Guerrero

3 Undertaker

4 Shawn Michaels

5 Bret The Hitman Hart

6 Batista

WWE Title Elimination Chamber entry order

1 CM Punk

2 Edge

3 Randy Orton

4 Kurt Angle

5 Kane

6 Brock Lesnar

for BA do eliminations in the tables, battle royal and chambers

Update 4:

13. El Generico v Dolph Ziggler v Jack Swagger v Marquis Cor Von v Mr. Kennedy v Prince Devitt Intercontinental Title 6 Pack Challenge

Forgot to post the intercontinental match too! ^^^

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    Match 1.-Legion of Doom win after the Doomsday Device on Mahoney 8/10

    Match 2.-Dudley Boyz win after last eliminating The Basham bros with the 3D to Doug through the table 10/10

    *The Bashems eliminate the Nasty Boys with a Double Chokebomb through the table

    Match 3.-Kings of Wrestling win in a hell of match 10/10

    Match 4.-AJ Lee wins with the Shining Wizard 9/10

    Match 5.-Paige wins with the Page Turner, decent match. Paige carries the other 2 women. 7/10

    Match 6.-Natalya wins with the Sharpshooter on Melina 8/10

    Match 7.-AJ Styles wins 10/10

    Match 8.-RVD wins by last eliminating Tyson Kidd 9/10

    *Edwards eliminates Young, Kaz, Tatsu, Guerrera

    *Hardy eliminates Edwards, Romero

    *KENTA eliminates Hardy, Yang, London,

    *RVD eliminates KENTA, Kidd

    Match 9.-Sandman wins after a sloppy match 6/10

    Match 10.-Sheamus wins in a hell of a brawl 9/10

    Match 11.-Mike Knox wins with the Knox Out on Burke 9/10

    Match 12.-Luke Harper wins 9/10

    Match 14.-Lashley wins by last eliminating Benoit 10/10

    *Austin eliminates Warrior with the Stunner

    *Austin eliminates Cena with the Stunner

    *Benoit, Austin, Lashley eliminate Henry with a German Suplex, Stunner, and Spear

    *Benoit, Lashley eliminates Austin with a Crippler Crossface, Sharpshooter combo

    *Lashley eliminates Benoit with Dominator off the pod

    Match 15.-Batista wins by last eliminating HBK 10/10

    *Michaels eliminates Hart with the SCM

    *Jericho, Guerrero, Batista, HBK eliminate Taker with a Codebreaker, SCM, Batista Bomb and a frogsplash off the pod

    *Jericho eliminates Guerrero with a Codebreaker reversal of the frogsplash

    *Michaels eliminates Jericho with the SCM

    *Batista eliminates Michael with the Demon Bomb

    Match 16.-Lesnar wins by last eliminating Orton 10/10

    *Angle eliminates Kane with the Ankle Lock

    *Angle eliminates Edge with the Angle Slam on the outside steel

    *Angle eliminates Punk with a top rope Angle Slam

    *Orton eliminates Angle with a RKO reversal of the Angle Slam

    *Lesnar eliminates Orton with the F5

    Post Show Grades:

    Wrestling Value: 134/150 B+

    Promo/Segment Value: N/A

    Show Value: 134/150 B+

    Post Show Awards:

    Match of the Night: This is tough to choose, the card was chalk full of perfect matches. Including all 3 of the chambers. MotN goes to the main event chamber in the end, Lesnar reigns supreme.

    Promo/Segment of the Night: N/A

    Trash of the Night: Nothing was garbage on the card but for the sake of the award the Trash of the Night goes to Sandman's match. Sandman is sloppy and Funk is old and worn down, not a good combo.

    Closing Comments. Welcome back. 15 matches and nothing was terrible. All 3 chambers kicked ***, and those were just some highlights amongst a hell of a PPV. Good job, a solid B+.

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  • Match #1 - Winners Legion of Doom - 2.5/5

    Match #2 - Winners The Dudley Boyz - 2/5

    The Basham Brothers/The Dudley Boyz eliminates The Nasty Boyz with dual Doomsday Devices

    The Dudley Boyz eliminates The Basham Brothers with 3D on Danny

    Match #3 - Winners Kings of Wrestling - 3/5

    Match #4 - Winner Mickie James - 5/5

    Match #5 - Winner Paige - 2.5/5

    Match #6 - Winner Melina - 4/5

    Match #7 - Winner AJ Styles - 5/5

    Match #8 - Winner Eric Young - 5/5

    KENTA eliminates Jimmy Wang Yang

    Rocky Romero eliminates Yoshi Tatsu

    Juventud Guerrera eliminates Tyson Kidd

    Eric Young eliminates Paul London

    RVD eliminates Eddie Edwards

    Jeff Hardy eliminates Kaz

    KENTA eliminates Rocky Romero

    Eric Young eliminates Juventud Guerrera

    Jeff Hardy eliminates RVD

    Jeff Hardy eliminates KENTA

    Eric Young eliminates Jeff Hardy

    Match #9 - Winner Sandman - 0/5

    Match #10 - Winner Desmond Wolfe - 5/5 (Should've put William Regal in this match)

    Match #11 - Winner Dean Ambrose - 4/5

    Match #12 - Winner Roman Reigns - 3.5/5

    Match #13 - Winner Dolph Ziggler - 4/5

    Match #14 - Winner John Cena - 4/5

    Mark Henry eliminates Ultimate Warrior with the World's Strongest Slam

    John Cena, Bobby Lashley, & Chris Benoit eliminates Mark Henry after a diving headbutt from the chamber pod, spear, & Attitude Adjustment

    Stone Cold Steve Austin eliminates Chris Benoit with the Stunner

    John Cena eliminates Stone Cold Steve Austin with a 2nd Attitude Adjustment

    John Cena eliminates Bobby Lashley with the Attitude Adjustment from the top rope

    Match #15 - Winner Undertaker - 5/5

    Shawn Michaels eliminates Eddie Guerrero with Sweet Chin Music

    Bret Hart eliminates Chris Jericho with the Sharpshooter

    Undertaker eliminates Batista with a 2nd Tombstone Piledriver

    Shawn Michaels eliminates Bret Hart with a 2nd Sweet Chin Music

    Undertaker eliminates Shawn Michaels with a 2nd Tombstone Piledriver

    Match #16 - Winner CM Punk - 5/5

    Randy Orton, Kurt Angle, CM Punk, & Edge eliminates Kane with a RKO, GTS, spear, & Angle Slam

    Brock Lesnar eliminates Edge with the F5

    CM Punk eliminates Randy Orton with the GTS

    CM Punk & Kurt Angle eliminates Brock Lesnar with the GTS & Angle Slam

    CM Punk eliminates Kurt Angle with a 2nd GTS

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    Match 1- Mahoney & Rotten; this is their specialty.

    Match 2- Dudleys Win

    Match 3- Demolition Win

    Match 4- Mickie James Wins

    Match 5- Paige Wins

    Match 6- Melina Wins

    Match 7- AJ wins

    Match 8- Jeff Hardy wins by eliminating KENTA

    Match 9- Sandman Wins

    Match 10- Wolfe Wins

    Match 11- I ll go with Storm

    Match 12- King Booker

    Match 13- MR. KENNEDY

    Match 14- Cena by third AA to Stone Cold

    Match 15- HBK wins

    Match 16- Kurt wins by Angle Lock and Submission

    Show: 9.5/10

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