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Mum always says

“You are an angel

Given to me by God.”

”Why ?” I once asked Mum.

Mum smiled gently

And stroke my hair,

“Little boys and girls are angels

Who can turn a leaf or a nutshell

Into a toy,

Who can grow up

Into brave and kind men and women,

Whose laughter is like

The song of a light cool wind.”

How to turn to write a poem about a teacher who feels grateful to her students.

Need to express how the teacher shows his/her love and care to his/herstudents.

Need to follow the pattern.

Need to rhyme.

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    Teacher always says

    “I am the sunshine

    of your life.”

    ”Why ?” a student once asked the teacher.

    Teacher smiled gently

    And pointed to a tree outside,

    “Teachers are sunshine

    That can turn a seed or a tuber

    Into a seedling,

    That can nurture it

    Into a tree bearing brilliant apples,

    Whose warmth is like

    The picture of a glittering camp fire.”

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    Teacher always says

    “You are the sunshine

    of my life.”


    “Students are sunshine

    That can turn a seed or a tuber

    Into a seedling,


    Whose warmth is like

    The apple of my eye."

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    Teacher always says,

    "I can change ideas

    Who should behave&think clear"

    "Why?" I once asked teacher

    "When you're young dear

    Treat old with respect dear!"

    "Students are ideas

    Who treat people right with cheer

    Respect classical year"

    "Something about life

    To appreciate everythings in life,

    From peer group to play group dear

    Approved&judged by your peer."

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