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Can anyone please give me guidance to becommig a commercial pilot?

This is my first time here so hello; I live on the Caribbean island St Lucia, am close to finishing high school and I have trouble choosing where to go next. I will be writing the mandatory CSEC exam soon and want some help deciding where to turn to next. Sorry for so many questions, I just curious is all.

1. I am thinking of going to my community college, is that fine?

2. If not, can I use my CSEC results to enter into a Aviation University right away?

3. Is it worth going to community college first?

4. Can anyone recommend a flight school?

5. To get hired by majors, I'll need at least a Bachelor's degree, if I should go to college, how can I transfer that into the Bachelor's?

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    Flight schools are too expensive. Checkout aviation degrees in the States. Seriously, Emory Riddle has a great program and they have grants and scholorships for students that will get you a degree and your commercial certificate. Check them out and good luck...

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    Lesson number one is, if you want to be a pilot, ask pilots how to do it, not randoms on the internet.

    Look up a local flying school, go and introduce yourself, just chat, ask to speak to a pilot, tell them that's your dream, ask if he would mind you asking some questions - he won't, people like to be admired - and ask him all your questions. Then go to other flight schools and ask more pilots.

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