Zodiac Signs....?

What do you think of each of the air signs (Aquarius/Libra/Gemini). Plus, what's your best friends/lovers/person you disliked the most sign? I've asked this before. Did it defeat the general stereotype of the zodiac compatibility? For example, I, a Gemini (Leo moon), had the best relationship with a Taurus (We get sarcasm/do stupid things together), Pisces (We love mysteries/intellectual conversations), Capricorn (We crave excitement/have inside jokes).

Though, I found Aquarius girls, that I've known, to be distant and quite mean at times. They have their moments where they are fun & weird--and I love that. Though, I don't have an official opinion since I've only known 5-five. Never met an Aquarius man, but I hope so soon! Libra men are sweet. The Sagittarius guys I've met don't get jokes/sarcasm & are very black&white. It's a little intimidating, I admit. At least they aren't afraid to say what's on their mind. Don't think I've met a Scorpio, but maybe one time. Stares a lot. Freaked me out because he was so handsome and I was secretly swooning. So, there you go, Scorpio. I find people categorizing Cancers as just shy or sensitive--you forget that they are also funny signs and very incredibly caring. I respect Virgos for being neat and straightforward. Especially when I need tough love. Hard worker. Adds reality to my fantasy world. Leos either encourage you or themselves, either way, I get motivation from them. Aries are too honest, but I love that about them.


Did not add Libra women since I've never really spoken to one or at least. I truly love Aquarius and their purpose. Just not the ones I've met in the past.

Update 2:

Oh, and I've only met Gemini males. Fun, Fun, Fun. But one of them talks a lot, which is okay. The other is the comedian.

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  • Dan
    Lv 5
    6 years ago

    My family is full of air signs there's

    My mother my brother and my cousin's wife ( the other question from you i got the birthdays mixed up. My niece is a Cancer) in Gemini

    My grandmother in Libra, my nephew in Libra

    and me in Aquarius

    My opinion on them is this

    Gemini's are great communicators, they like to live life at a fast pace, which is faster than most signs, which also means life is also quite chaotic for them. Highly intelligent if not crazy at times (Gemini- Sagittarius axis is sometimes called the schizophrenic axis of the zodiac). It can be hard keeping them on one task for long though.

    Libra's I absolutely adore them. The best word i can describe them with is Diplomatic, i may be Aquarius Sun but i have strong Libra streak running through me ( see my placements below in comments). They are great strategists and know how to connect the dots for their partner socially. They are very non confrontational too.

    Aquarius, I'm Aquarius Sun Mercury and Mars. They are very into humanitarian pursuits, they focus on the whole rather than the an individual, if they show any passion towards something it's towards these humanitarian efforts. This can make romantic relationships hard for them, Speaking of relationships, Don't try to control an Aquarius it just won't work, you can certainly stack the deck in your favor, but the ultimate decision will be theirs. They can be very Intelligent and like magneto said usually have a different way of thinking than other people. They can be quite rebellious at times or at the very least don't follow the norms. Some especially later in life get an influence from Aquarius' former ruler, Saturn and actually form a conservative (i did), this might explain how you get Aquarians like Abraham Lincoln contrasting with Ronald Reagan. if anything they take very calculated risks

  • Asia
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    6 years ago

    Aquariuses are know-it-alls, weird, quirky, silly, sarcastic and quite moody...I should know because I am one! lol I was also friends with one...we clicked but she tended to be a know-it-all and very opinionated and I did not like that.

    I've only known one Libra and she was two-faced.

    My brother is a Gemini and he tends to be quite moody, reserved and serious but he's a fun person for the most part.

    I've dated one Sagittarius, he was a very mean person, very "wishy-washy", a big liar, and outspoken. He was also depressing. I would say Sagittariuses are my most disliked sign.

    I am friends with a Sagittarius and he is also outspoken.

    I've dated two Virgos, they were very self-centered, selfish but funny.

    I have a Virgo cousin, and she is also self-centered.

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    • SunsetSyle6 years agoReport

      That's similar to me. I am not a fan of know-it-alls in general. I always make sure I give people my source of where I heard a certain information, because I don't want to come off as too sure.

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  • Ida
    Lv 4
    6 years ago

    I have love-hate relationship with Aquariuses. Sometimes we get along so well and we can have deep and interesting conversations.. But in some point it gets too deep for Aquarius and he gets depressed and blames me and says hurtful things. Then they (or at least this one person) ignores me, then tries to make me jealous, then starts to be nice again and just start all over again. .-. So yeah. I just have to learn deal with them and not to fall on their stupid little tricks. I'm just so mentally drawn to them and I can't get away. I like everything mysterious and weird - and they're like that. I just can't get away from them. They're poison - deadly and dangerous but yet sweet and addicting.

    Geminis I've met are annoying, lying and two-faced. I don't really like them. They can be fun to be around for a while but then they turn out bastards. My Gemini friend did something I'll never forgive or forget. She literally left me die. Worst part here is that everyone admires her and sees her as pure and nice girl. I'm only one who can see through. I want justice, I want everyone know the truth, but I have no evidence against her. Maybe one day I can get back at her..

    Libras are my long-term rivals. I don't like them. They like to please others and they have no their own mind. They're superficial and light headed. One Libra girl was my rival in school for 9 years and she was back stabbing whining lil *****. She talked sh*t about others but if someone said something critical about her, she started to whine, cry and told her mom and we got all the blame, no one ever even punished her about HER doings, she got all over it with her puppy eyes. I can admit that I'm little jealous - she gets it all. Friends, fame, money - but with dirty ways. I want also world to see that she's two-faced pathetic unfortunate soul who lives by back-stabbing and her parents. But there's nothing really I can do about it. Life is sometimes unfair.

    My best friends is Capricorn with lots of Aquarius in her chart. She is oddball and stupid but I still like her. She has always been there for me. Okay, she have tried to kill me few times but back then she was just so tired and I maybe annoyed her little too much. Luckily I'm quite large and strong person and she's small (But STRONG like for heaven's sake!)

    I haven't been in relationship and I think I won't be ready for it.

    So, from my experience, I don't really like air signs too much, sorry. (:

    Source(s): Scorpio sun Aquarius moon (also dominant sing) Gemini ASC
    • SunsetSyle6 years agoReport

      I like that you gave a long review of each air signs and I appreciate your honesty. I assure that all air signs are not the same. Plus, you will attract anyone like the above the more you think about it. It's like walking in a room and assuming everyone is going to like you and then they do. Get it?

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  • 6 years ago

    Gemini - the very, very, very first air sign; the most duplicitous, the most facetious Air sign (or zodiac sign in general) with an innate child-like, mischievous attitude towards life (they're playground) - they can either be serious (combined with this mischievous personality trait) or extremely light-hearted. They infuse their inappropriate (sometimes crude) sense of humor into situations to get certain reactions out of people and make life seem and feel less /dull./ Shaking things up every once in a while is healthy for a stereotypical Gemini who is quick on their feet, dexterous, active, witty, and silver-tongued. No one does things as good and as fast as a stereotypical Gemini - at least in their eyes. They feel unique in this way. Honestly, people either get them, or they simply just don't (and I don't think they care). They are the most "airy" Air sign because they're sociable, opinionated, highly, highly, highly, intelligent (MORE than they let on, believe me) fickle, and they like to keep all their options open. They are considered the Blind optimists of the Air element.

    Libra - the second air sign; the most disarmingly charming Air sign with a /natural likeability/ factor that makes them popular among their peers (no matter how much you may hate one for some reason, people are compelled to like them for something); very easy-going, non-confrontational, and more importantly, most Libras are /patient/ and slow to anger - this is what causes them to inevitably be likeable. They have more patience to put up with (excuse my language) other people's sh*t. :) And they always deal with serious situations in a positive way by looking for alternatives and staying composed. They sometimes encourage other people to do the same. Also, they are natural romantics who either enjoy being pursued or enjoy pursuing others. But they do this by playing their cards right - which is essentially their approach to life. They somehow figure out the whats, when's and the how's. Like I said, they're probably the most likeable Air sign. Also, regardless of how superficial some may seem, they simply want the best and the finer things in life. They are therefore considered the Idealistic optimists of the Air element.

    Aquarius - the third, and final air sign and the most complicated. But, they are also the most visionary Air sign with the ability to set trends and inspire others to be quirky, different, cool, and to let loose. The stereotypical Aquariuses have an off-beat, unpredictable personality. And while they may come across as cold and aloof sometimes, they are surprisingly (emphasis on surprisingly) very, very, very passionate about things and /spontaneously/ lively (especially at times when you don't expect them to be.) But it's not just anything that they are passionate about. They are passionate about things that are by no means considered trivial. Instead, they are passionate about things that actually /matter./ It's interesting because passion isn't necessarily synonymous with Aquarius - we usually associate the word with their opposite sign, Leo. The difference is: Leo is a fiery passionate zodiac sign (exuberant and uplifting) , and Aquarius is passionate but somewhat icy at the same time (polarizing and intimidating, because of their intellectual prowess). They're an intelligent bunch, and, unlike some of the other zodiac signs, they like to challenge other people to /think/ in a different way (maybe in a more abstract way) and to apply knowledge. Oh, and let's not forget about their tendency to be /extremely/ (maybe unintentionally) aggressive when provoked to anger - I repeat, they. don't. play. But, on a more positive note - because Aquariuses fight so hard for their identity and individuality, they refuse to give away all of themselves in personal relationships and dislike entertaining the idea of settling down and committing to another individual. Therefore, they are considered the Guarded optimists of the Air element. They don't play it safe, but they don't get /too/ ahead of themselves.

    And that right there are your 3 Air signs - sociable intellectuals with a need for intellectual stimulation when dealing with others and the world at large.


    Oh yeah, my Ex is an Aquarius.

    Source(s): Analysis by Magneto :)
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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    I find astrology stereotyping unfair and degrading. And it's all for nothing, magic does not exist.


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  • 6 years ago

    i like water signs

    • Without A Name
      Lv 6
      6 years agoReport

      I like when people actually answer the questions being asked. but maybe that's just me.

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