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Styles for short hair?girl?

I recently cut my hair short (just above shoulder length) and I'm going out tonight. I'd like know know different ways to style it so it's not just the same all the time. Thanks!

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    Twill. Set. Then let tight coils free.

    Try an A-line cut on a smooth, shiny bob. Top with fedora hat.

    Do side-swept bangs for a feminine touch.

    A tip for pulling off pink: Add layered diminution.

    Let wash & wear hair air-dry for boing-y curls.

    Create a casual undo with bobby pins galore.

    A newsboy cap: your secret weapon.

    Fancify a shaggy bob with vintage accessories.

    Create texture on a piecey pixie cut.

    Show-off your smile with a face-framing close crop.

    Do a chic center part with a tiny little pony and pair it with a red lip for a sleek look.

    Do a swirl hawk. Bedazzle your phone to match.

    Short hair grows out quickly, so you can constantly play around and change up your cut. So how do you avoid that bulbous mom crop? Ask for a razor cut. If it’s cut blunt, it will fall into a (bowl) but if it’s razored, you can mold it into any shape with hair wax. If you’ve got curly hair, get a similar shape to your cut by buzzing an area underneath and styling the curls over your eyes.

    Google: hairstyles for short hair. About 3,110,000 results (0.40 seconds)

    Google: 5 tips to style cropped hair Aug. 3, 2014.

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    If it is close to a bob cut them you can like have it flatironed or curl the ends of have it natural . Pretty either way

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    I quite like the way her hair is styled.

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