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Going from London to Paris: is it better just to fly than to take the Eurostar?

Eurostar tickets will set me back $400 Canadian dollars but flying takes just 1 hour or so and it costs $270 Canadian in total with Easyjet (Gatwick Airport to CDG) or I can go with Air France for $346 total from Heathrow to Charles de Gaulle.

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    Eurostar is quicker overall because you've also got to think about the time it takes to get to Heathrow or Gatwick, be there however early you've got to be there to check in, and then get from CDG into Paris. The flight itself is only an hour, but in total it will be much longer than that. Take a train and it just takes you direct to the Gare du Nord.

    What the French did when they built CDG to replace Orly as the main Paris airport was find a big space away from Paris where they could build a massive airport with room to expand. So the RER train from there into the Gare du Nord will take some time, and last time I flew from Paris to London it felt like we were driving around on the ground about as long as being in the air.

    You can find cheaper Eurostar tickets if you book in advance. But yes, price-wise it tends to be comparable with flying, because they're still paying off the massive debt from building the Channel Tunnel. People who bought shares in it haven't done well!

    easyJet is cheaper because it isn't a full service airline like Air France. That's why it uses Gatwick - Heathrow charges much higher landing fees. (That reminds me of doing the Canadian Rockies tour, when the tour company flew us to Seattle and drove us across the border. Apparently that was cheaper than flying us to Vancouver!) The amount of time it takes from central London to either airport tends to balance out. Gatwick is much further away but trains to it are reasonably fast.

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    But don't forget that to get from Central London to Heathrow will take an hour by Underground and cost £5.70 (around $9) or around £20 if you take the faster Heathrow Express; also you have to check-in 2-3 hours before the flight for all the security palaver, and once you get to CDG the RER into central Paris will take around 25 minutes and cost €9.75. So overall I'd take the train if I'm travelling city centre to city centre.

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    Eurostar is the fastest City Centre to City Centre in 2 hours 15 minutes. City Centres to and from airports takes 1 hour plus 2 hour airport check ins. Eurostar returns London to Paris start from £69 (about $120) but they must be booked well in advance and go for off peak times like early morning and evenings

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    If saving time is important to you, then I strongly advise Eurostar or air transport. If however you are looking for a cheap solution you can travelling by coach. Every day between London and Paris run 20 direct coaches. Carriers are Eurolines, Megabus and IDBUS. All offer cheap transport, even if you decide to buy a ticket shortly before the planned trip. The vehicles are air-conditioned, equipped with toilet and reclining seats. Each passenger is entitled to transport luggage. Travel time is 7 to 9 hours.

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    There something odd about your prices, the most expensive London to Paris Eurostar fare is £179

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    The Eurostar is a lot quicker and easier.

    But,last sunday it took me longer to travel by train from my home in Surrey to St Pancras (about 30 miles)

    than it took me to get from St Pancras to Paris

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    You need to get to and from the Airports.

    What is your starting point and ultimate destination?

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