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Should I trade Demaryius Thomas for Antonio Brown and Vincent Jackson?

My roster is:

QB-Andrew Luck

RB1-Adrian Peterson

RB2- Giovani Bernard

WR1-Demaryius Thomas

WR2-A.J. Green

TE-Vernon Davis

Flex-Randall Cobb


K-Dan Bailey

Bench-Russell Wilson

Bench-Andre Ellington

Bench-Rashad Jennings

Bench-Jordan Reed

Bench-Brandin Cooks

Bench-Buccaneers D/ST

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    Your Roster is stacked, you have three of everything. You have no need for an extra receiver, you would have to bench a for sure starter. Neither of those two will outscore D. Thomas through out the full season one on one. If you need a receiver plug in Ellington at the flex and Cobb at WR.

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      I'm not doing it, but the thought of taking away the guys starters for one guy had me intrigued.

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  • 6 years ago

    Normally I'd say yes to this trade but seeing as you have plenty of depth everywhere, no point in downgrading. Im guessing this is like a 6 team league

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  • 6 years ago

    Any particular reason you would make that trade? You want Cobb to waste away on your bench?

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      Cobb wouldn't have been wasting away on my bench. He would be used in a committee depending on the match up. Not a bad route to take by any means.

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