What's the difference between the two 5 Corners and Rossbrooke?

Looking for an apartment and came across this area that is apparently a combination of multiple complexes.

I'm looking for reviews and ratings on this place but I came accross these three different names for the same exact area.

Kings Crossing at 5 Corners

Reflection Knoll at 5 Corners

and Rossbrooke at the Lakes

There are actually a lot more names for this area but I'm specifically looking at these 3 because the first model apartment that was shown to me was the Rossbrooke one and I'm going there again to check out a room at 5 Corners.. (they didn't tell me which 5 corners, I didn't even know there were these 2 different 5 corners.. if they really are different).

At ApartmentRatings.com

These are the 3 different links I found for the place.

Kings Crossing at 5 Corners - http://www.apartmentratings.com/rate/MD-Cockeysvil...

Reflection Kngoll at 5 Corners - http://www.apartmentratings.com/rate/MD-Cockeysvil...

Rossbrooke At the Lakes - http://www.apartmentratings.com/rate/MD-Cockeysvil...

There are a lot of bad reviews on the Rossbrooke site, but not that many on the other two...

Should I count the consider the Rossbrooke reviews when moving into a 5 Corners apartment?

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    It looks like there are multiple apartment complexes managed by the same management company (Hendersen-Webb Inc). Don't forget to check out any links for the complexes "website" when you come across an apartment listing like this to get more information about who manages it.

    If they're all under the same management, the biggest difference is going to be the developments themselves. How old are they? Are they geared toward different groups of tenants (students, professionals, young families)? One that is geared toward young families might have a fantastic playground while one that is geared toward professionals might have a really awesome business center.

    In general if they're all managed by the same company, you can expect the same level of service at each. If they're getting loads of complaints for not responding to tenant concerns at one, they're probably slow to respond in general. Maybe one complex is newer and just doesn't have as many problems for them to deal with.

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