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come up

能否請大大多舉一些有關於come up的用法,有時候會看到這個字,可是不太了解它的用法


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    Come up 用法:

    1. 走近;走到跟前 If someone comes up or comes up to you, they approach you until they are standing close to you.

    • Her cat came up and rubbed itself against their legs...


    • He came up to me and said: 'Come on, John.'


    2. 被提及;被討論 If something comes up in a conversation or meeting, it is mentioned or discussed.

    • The subject came up during a pre-dinner drink with our guests.


    • Jeane Kirkpatrick's name has come up a lot.


    3. 即將發生;即將到來 If something is coming up, it is about to happen or take place.

    • Plan your activities so that you are rested and refreshed when something important is coming up...


    • We do have elections coming up.


    4. 突然發生 If something comes up, it happens unexpectedly.

    • I was delayed — something came up at home...


    • Other projects came up and the emphasis of my work altered.


    5. (工作)出現空缺;(商品)上市 If a job comes up or if something comes up forsale, it becomes available.

    • A research fellowship came up at Girton and I applied for it and got it...


    • The house came up for sale and the couple realised they could just about afford it.


    6. (太陽、月亮)升起 When the sun or moon comes up, it rises.

    • It will be so great watching the sun come up.


    7. (案件)開庭審理 In law, when a case comes up, it is heard in a court of law.

    • He is one of the reservists who will plead not guilty when their cases come up.


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